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Why students should start their own business

12 October 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto15314892The world has evolved over time. Every aspect of life has been under pressure to keep up with the very advanced and fast moving world. There has been a tremendous population growth. Quest for education has continually increased due to the advancement in technology and life changes thus need to run with the current. Many people are enrolling in colleges not just to get the education that will help them get a job but also gain knowledge that will help them survive in the advancing world. Entrepreneurship is a topic that has been given so much weight in schools since it is a requirement for any individual. As a result, argument essay topics on entrepreneurship have become common which serve to open the eyes of scholars on the importance of starting a business while in college.

Reasons for business start-ups in colleges

The cost of education has become very expensive. Many students drop out of school because they’re not able to pay tuition fees. Starting a business would assist such students pay their tuition fees. Even if one can afford the tuition fees, a business can provide one with extra money to meet the basic needs.

Running a business would help a student grow in terms of managing time, money and resources. This means that one will require to be disciplined in all those areas to be able to maximize profits in their business ventures. Leadership and management skills will be cultivated in the process.

A business involves interacting with people who are referred to as customers or clients. In relating with customers, one learns to be patient and tolerant which are important aspects in today’s world. It is in the process of interacting with customers that one gets to network with people and build business relations that would open doors to his/her business growth. One also builds on communication and interactive skills that are equally important.

Venturing into business is a sign of maturity and confidence bearing in mind the many risks involved. Hard work and determination are prerequisite aspects since it’s something that has to be cultivated to grow. In starting up a business, a student will be able to grow in this area that will build her skills for a future professional employer or employee.

There are many ideas and opportunities that have not been realized and utilized. This means that students need to be more innovative and less dependent on getting employed. In starting a business, one would be able to create employment for him/ herself as well as others.  In doing so, they will not only be building themselves but also actively contributing towards the growth of the country’s economy.

As the saying goes, ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’, when a student has so much free time, it gives him/her room to entertain negative thoughts and many times the much energy they have is used in all the wrong ways. Engaging in business would help occupy a young mind and direct their energy in positive thinking would yield positive results.

In conclusion, business is an ideal and noble venture in which the co-goal of maximizing profit and also as an area of personal growth that every student should be encouraged to engage in.

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