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Positive Profits: Providing Promotional Products for Pushing Worker Productivity

20 October 2015 No Comment

canstockphoto26307551Whether you run a tiny startup or a huge multinational company, motivating your workers to do a great job is vital to your success. It is not always easy to give employees the extra spark they need to go above and beyond the call of duty. That is why smart managers are always looking for creative ways to reward excellence and give workers the incentives they need to succeed.

Some of the best tools for employee motivation are also the most fun. Promotional products are excellent incentives for employees all across the organization. From the front line staff manning the customer service lines to the men and women in the corner offices, everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work. Rewarding those hard workers with quality promotional products is one the most effective ways to increase productivity, enhance staff loyalty and boost the bottom line.

From polo shirts emblazoned with the company logo to custom card decks employees will be proud to show off, there are plenty of promotional products that lend themselves to employee motivation.

One of the great things about using promotional products to reward top workers and motivate the rest of the staff is that there are so many different ways to use these products. If you manage a large call center, you could hold a fun contest using common metrics like average call time, customer survey results and time to answer. When the dust has settled and the contest is over, you can reward the winning team with a host of company swag.

In the end, the winning team will be motivated to do even better, while everyone else will be ready to work harder and win the next contest. In the meantime, the men and women who get the promotional products become walking billboards for your company. What a great way to advertise your company and motivate your workforce at the same time.

Another big advantage of using promotional products to motivate your employees is the fact that just about anything can be customized these days. From custom card decks emblazoned with photos to standard items like pens and T-shirts, there is no end to the number of promotional products you can use to reward your staff.

Promotional items like pens and notepads can also be valuable for rewarding clients and keeping your company top of mind. Every time you meet with a potential client, you can leave them with a handful of pens, some custom printed notepads and maybe even a desk calendar or two. When the time comes to choose a partner, those potential clients will see your promotional items and think about your company.

Keeping employees motivated has never been more important, and if you are not thinking about ways to reward your top workers you are really missing out on a golden opportunity. The average company relies disproportionately on its top performers, and finding a simple and inexpensive way to keep them motivated can help your business grow, increase brand awareness and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Stanley Thomason is an integral part of a marketing and promotions team. He likes to share his ideas for making a difference in your marketing and motivational goals with an online audience. He writes regularly for a range of B2B websites.

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