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Travel to Cayman and Live Like a Native with these Tips

18 February 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto8948904The Cayman Islands is one of the most sought after vacation destinations internationally. It’s clear, blue waters and white-sand beaches appeal to anyone who feels caught up in the endless rat race. If you’re thinking that travel to the islands is a pipe dream, REM Services of Cayman Islands has a few tips to share that might change your mind.

Rent a Condo

The first tip is to shop around for Grand Cayman condo rentals. They are more affordable than renting a full house, but still come equipped with more than one bedroom. That’s great news for anyone planning a group spring break trip. Couples can find bungalows on the beach for under $1,000. If the price still seems a bit high, the next tip is for you.

Stay for as Long as You Can

Often, Grand Cayman residential leasing works differently for long-term rentals. If you can relocate to Grand Cayman for a period of several months, you might be able to negotiate a lower fee on the rent you’ll pay. Not every owner is flexible, but if you plan in advance you can save a great deal. The trick is to get a freelance gig so you can afford to the prolonged stay.

Don’t Forget…

Property management in Cayman Islands is top notch, so expect the same kinds of amenities you’ll get in a hotel. Condo living isn’t like what you find in Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong or New York, this is luxury living with lots to do and great locales. It’s more affordable than you think, but you have to plan ahead.

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