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What Makes a Good Ecommerce Website?

1 March 2016 No Comment

canstockphoto15671725Whether you want to sell your homemade candles online or take your brick and mortar store to the next level, you’ll need a good ecommerce website. As with any website, it needs to be simple, attractive and easy to navigate. However, if you want people to buy your product, it needs to be set up with payment methods, shopping carts and excellent security. A good ecommerce website builder will take your ideas and create a solid base for your fledgling ecommerce business.

How to Plan Your Ecommerce Website

There are several essential features that a good ecommerce site should have. It starts with the home page. It is not enough that it looks attractive, it must be configured to sell. It may have a big BUY button, but it would be better if it has a list of product categories. It is also good to highlight new arrivals and special deals. The goal is to keep the shopper on your site and invite them to purchase from you.

The home page should also have links to pages that give the purchase process including the payment method, delivery service and time and any warranties available. This will give your customer confidence in your business and provide answers to questions they haven’t asked yet.

A clearly displayed logo is a good way to start promoting your brand. Companies with famous logos only need to display the logo and products. People know what they are buying.

You Only Have Five Seconds

Statistics show that most people give about five seconds of their time to decide if they want to stay on a website or move on to another. One way to keep customers on your website is to offer freebies, deals and free shipping. Sometimes people buy things just because the prices are slashed. Free shipping is another thing that keeps people looking at your products. This is why it is desirable to have eye-catching banners with freebies and special deals. These banners often say 50 percent off or Free Beach Tote without connecting it to any particular product.

If you have a huge inventory, you won’t be able to display everything, so your best option is to display the most eye-catching and interesting offers you have and make them easily accessible. Branded goods should be displayed upfront. First-time visitors may not know exactly what they are looking for, but they do know brand names and will be more likely to stop and look if they see brands they know.

The Nitty-Gritty

The login box, search box, social media links and shopping cart need to be easy to find. A good website builder such as web.com will add a feature where your customer’s purchase information is safely stored, so they don’t have to start from square one when they come back.

Once you have a good ecommerce website that provides secure shopping for your customers and manages your inventory, you can focus on your promotions and keep the home page fresh and up to date. Your new online endeavor will have the basics for success.

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