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Three ways to obtain money, there is always help on hand

24 May 2016 No Comment

This is the sober reality about life and living in the City by the Bay – because forget all the songs and the stories, the situation can be very difficult indeed. A recent report into poverty states that poverty rates vary significantly across the Bay Area, with a high of 13.8% in San Francisco City/County. But the cost of living in the Bay Area is significantly higher than in much of the rest of the state, so these lower rates are misleading. The moral of all this is that many people in San Francisco are going to be on the lookout for fast cash because they are feeling the pinch of cash shortage combined with high and rising prices.

What are the options?

OK so what can people who need fast cash in San Francisco do – and it goes without saying that we are not indulging fantasies of mounting successful bank robberies or of turning metal into gold. Basically the options that are available can be divided into three: get another job in addition to the one that you have; sell items that you don’t need and other people want and finally find a loan that will help you over your financial problems. Let’s explore each of these.

Making yourself useful can make you money

Do just half an hour’s research on line and you will be absolutely amazed at the different things that people do to get fast cash in San Francisco. . Most of these just require a little asking around to get going on. Babysitting pays about $15 an hour and pay is immediate. Dog walking can also bring in about $300 a month for a one hour walk five days a week for only one dog – now if you could manage two or even three hours the money becomes quite serious! People charge between $20 and $50 an hour for offering home tutoring to kids…and that’s only scratching the surface. You may not get cash in an instant but with some careful planning it shouldn’t be too long before the money starts to flow.

See what you can sell

Search your house, your attic and your basement for items that other people would pay to buy and organise a garage sale. Some people have been even more ambitious and searched out free stuff from sites such as Craig’s List and then sold them. Or found themselves on university and college campuses at the end of each semester and made a killing from selling computer equipment and books that had been rejected.

Car title loans

But if you really want fast cash in San Francisco you can’t go far wrong with a car title loan. That means that you can access between $2600 and $20,000 and do so within an hour – and all of this without any reference to your credit standing because the source of the loan – a privately owned car – provides all the collateral that is required.

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