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Creating An Inspiring Workspace For Your Staff Is Easier Than You May Think

20 December 2016 No Comment

So, it’s finally happened. You’ve grown your startup from a tiny business in your bedroom at home, and now you are CEO of a company with a handful of employees. This is a very exciting prospect and those first few days of trading from your new office space can be very exciting. But amongst all the hype, take a step back and consider the office space you currently have. Chances are you’re probably looking at a blank canvas, with a few old desks and chairs lying around. Keen to get work off the ground, you’re unlikely to be thinking about the aesthetics and ergonomics of your business’s new home. But in reality, creating an inspiring and efficient workspace should actually be fairly high on your list of priorities. Humans are very susceptible to their environments – and if your environment isn’t working well, your staff will soon start to notice. Here are some aspects of office design you should pay attention to, and how you can create an office that works for everyone.

Private and open-plan working

You should be able to tell simply by speaking to your staff that they will all work in different ways. Some people are unaffected by external noise and actually work better with a bit of commotion in the background. Others are very easily distracted and know that they work better in a more solitary environment. For this reason, you might want to mix these two working environments together so that people have an option. Consider having a few private rooms, then some cubicles (as a kind of middle ground) and then finally open plan desks. This means that your employees will be able to work in an environment that enables them to produce their best work – and you can even use the private rooms for meetings too.

Suitable office furniture

Another important aspect of your company’s offices to consider is the furniture you are going to have. Desks and chairs are a given, so you should make sure you invest in ones that are comfortable. Visit a website such as arnoldsofficefurniture.com to find ones that match the needs of your employees. You may also want to consider some less orthodox types of furniture, such as sofas and chairs for a communal area. This could also double up as a more casual meeting area for sub-teams and clients, as sometimes a boardroom is too formal for some people.

Inspiring decor

What do you see when you look around at the walls of your team’s office? If it’s nothing but gray walls and peeling paint, you may want to get a little DIY-happy. As mentioned before, our environment can rub off on us – meaning that if your workspace is uninspiring, your employees may not be all that creative! Brighten the place up with prints, pictures and flowers, and encourage your staff to adorn their desks if they wish to. A little personality can go a long way, and you would be surprised at the difference it can make to your office atmosphere.

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