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Kickstart Your Commercial Career by Avoiding These Common Pitfalls

21 December 2016 No Comment

Investing in a commercial property can bring a lot of undue stress and complications to someone’s life. However, it’s important to understand that failures can happen and there are hundreds of lessons just waiting to be triggered and studied by you. There’s a common saying that if you fail faster, you learn faster and that sentiment couldn’t be any closer to the truth when it comes to investments.

Sure, some people get off to a great start and manage to maintain an excellent track record of successful investments, but when their first failure comes crashing down around them, it’s usually more than they can handle. Luckily, there are many online resources that are available to the public which will guide you through some of the most worrying risks and problems that you’ll run into while investing. To give you some tips on investing, here’s a brief guide on what to avoid.

Understand Your Lease

There are many different types of leases and their rules are all different. Net, double net and triple net property leases might sound simple in practice, but there are many subtle changes that each lessee can make to try and squeeze more pennies from your pouch. Don’t forget that a gross lease can also have varying circumstances from contract to contract. Although the lessee pays for tax, insurance and maintenance costs, there can be some hidden clauses in the contract that state you’ll have to cover some of the costs or pay for certain utility bills. Don’t let greedy landlords squeeze more money from you and make sure you read the lease slowly and carefully.

Do Ample Research

Before you invest in a commercial property and business, do enough research in the surrounding area to determine if the type of business you want to run is in demand. There’s no point opening a fast food restaurant without a niche if there are major competitors a couple of feet from your proposed establishment. Consider your options carefully and get involved with the local community. Seek out needs and products that aren’t met within the area and try to meet those demands.

Don’t Bite off More Than You Can Chew

Start small with your commercial investments. Don’t purchase several lots of land if you can’t afford to renovate them all, and don’t purchase a large commercial property that requires several months of refurbishment. You’ll be drowning in rent and maintenance costs sooner than you can imagine, and you won’t be making a single penny back until you can successfully finish renovations and start your business up.

Hire Professional Help

Whether it’s an experienced contractor who can renovate your commercial property or a finance advisor that’ll help with your payments, it’s important that you understand you aren’t alone when it comes to investing and starting a business. There are hundreds of capable advisors who’ll be more than happy to help you assuming you can afford their invaluable services. Even if you can’t afford a professional, you should speak with friends and family members who have been in your position and seek any advice they’re willing to offer.


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