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Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes Newbies Make

25 January 2017 No Comment

In life, there are certain risks that, however we try to avoid them, seem to come walking back on our paths again. Only this time, when these risks make themselves known again, we really should be paying great attention to it. For instance, one of the most daunting of risks is an investment — particularly, real estate.

Just think about this for a second: On a whim you decided to put money on real property. There are prominent companies out there like Lendlease in Australia, who offer house and land packages in Sydney NSW. You are nowhere Sydney but decided dabbling in real estate in that part of the country may earn you some good profit, after all, Sydney seems to be a place teeming with buyers left and right.

What do you think is wrong with this scenario? It is an investment, any action you take is a risk, might as well jump the shark right? Well, that is what is wrong about this whole thing. A risk does not necessarily require rash judgements, even complete uncertainty needs careful planning. But hey, if this is your first tango with real estate investment, here are a few missteps you need to avoid.

Making strategies as they go along

One of the biggest mistakes people commit in real property investment is buying the house and figuring out what to do with it right after — it seems a good deal is a very effective purchase clincher wherever it comes from. The first thing you must have, going into this, is a plan. To whom are you going to sell this? What payment conditions are in play once a buyer shows interest? What are your selling strategies? Once you have laid out a plan, only then can you buy a house that fits that plan. Remember, all it takes is a good sellers, sometimes the property itself becomes secondary.

Shun studying altogether

Wannabe real property investors do not realise is that studying is a big part of the industry. It is disconcerting to think that some people would be willing to risk their financial security without reading a book or asking professionals about what they are going into. Always take the time to study a new venture, however easy it may seem.

Real estate investment is a get-rich-quick scheme

Nothing in this world can be considered a get-rich-quick scheme; getting money always requires hard work. Do not be afraid of a little elbow grease, because there far better benefits to working hard than being lazy. Apart from earning profit, it builds character. You will develop an understanding of your risk tolerance that allows you to be smart in your investments.

Not building a team

But the most important thing you need to remember as a real estate investor is it pays to be in a team. Your role as an investor has its limits, you will need help from a real estate agent, a lawyer, a home inspector, and more. Not to mention, you will need a maintenance team which includes an electrician, plumber, contractor, and so on. Maybe you do not have the funds for your own team yet, but at least partner up with professionals that can help you.

These are just some of the common mistake amateur real estate investors make. Keep these things in mind, see if you have committed some of them or learn to avoid them completely.

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