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It’s All A Numbers Game With These Mathematical Careers

20 February 2017 No Comment

Being handy with numbers is a talent all on its own and one that many have trouble with. Besides being an underappreciated talent in general life, however, it can also be the cornerstone of a very successful career. Below, you’re going to find five of those careers that turn those numbers into cold, hard cash.

Financial planner

As we’ve said, a lot of people have trouble when it comes to keeping tracking their numbers, even when it comes to something as vital as their money. Many of those people, when looking to find the right service packages to make the best use of their money, will use a financial planner. Here, your numerical sense is all about finding the financial service deals that work best in a client’s interest.


Financial advisors mostly specialize in finding and selling the right financial products. But accountants help to do a lot more than that. They are bookkeepers. They are financial administrators. They are advisors. They can do every more, helping the legally complicated world of taxes and audits. It will take earning a certification and studying with the help of sites like https://www.surgentcpareview.com/. But the combination between money sense, mathematical data-based solution finding and a keen insight on accounting law make them an indispensable ally to average citizen and business owner alike. If you have a keen eye for details and are happy to spend more of your time working with others, it might be the path for you.

Digital marketing

The idea of a digital marketer playing with figures might not sound like the most intuitive of fits. The truth is, however, that digital marketers spend a lot of their day looking at the numbers behind the creative work they put out there. While that creativity is another key skill you have to understand, as is an understanding of the wants of a target market, analyzing your methods is a big part of your job. Finding the messages that have the most success means keeping track of a lot of numbers. A creative mind isn’t quite enough.


It’s not a job that many grow up imagining they will do. However, in today’s insurance heavy society, actuaries play a key role. They are the ones responsible for finding the probabilities of future events with pure data. Causes of death, accidents, financial loss and so on. As http://www.beanactuary.org/ states, it is this data that leads companies and individuals in how to deal with these risks.


If that sounds a bit gloomy for you, then working as an economist might be a little more optimistic. Economists get specific and select training to conduct research and collect data that informs them on the state of various economies. As well as a keen sense for numbers, a good economist also needs to have the same kind of research-focused mindset as your average scientist. Sampling, modeling techniques, reports, tables, and charts make up the bulk of an economist’s day-to-day.

Business owners are always going to have a need for the numbers people. If data and figures are your thing, consider the careers above. With a bit of specialized training, that logic can get you into careers that are both lucrative and in demand. Then never let anyone tell you that math has no use in life beyond the classroom.

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