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Why Some People Are Compelled To Become Entrepeneurs

21 February 2017 No Comment

Some people are happy doing the day job, month after month, year after year. But for a small cadre of people, this isn’t acceptable. For whatever reason, they want to move beyond the corporate world and strike out by themselves. They want to do something fundamentally different. The following are some genuine reasons why you ought to become an entrepreneur.

You’re Too Creative For Your Environment

If you want to earn a living and lead a middle-class life, then the corporate world is an ideal place to be. There are lots of benefits, and there’s plenty of money to be made. You can afford to take holidays, pay for kids birthday parties and generally have a high quality of living.

But for some people, this isn’t enough. They don’t just want the material benefits, they also want to feel as if they fit in with the corporate culture. Many corporations, unfortunately, are quite rigid institutions, set in their ways and not amenable to change from the inside. But many people working for them want to do things differently and create something entirely new.

Steve Jobs once said that the world around is only the way it is because it was dreamed up by other people who are no smarter than we are. For Jobs, this was the only excuse he needed to remake the world in his image. Entrepreneurs, therefore, might want to leave corporate life because it is stifling their creativity.

You Want To Do Things Yourself

Changing the world in some way is what drives most entrepreneurs, according to serial startup founder, Guy Kawasaki. But the other thing that they want is to do things by themselves. They love the nuts and bolts of business, and they like being in control of all aspects of their operation. Many founders enjoy the process of finding the right liability insurance quote, investigating which accounting software to use and setting up their office. All these things help them to put their mark on the world and not have their working environment dictated by anybody else.

You Have Unconventional Ideas

Entrepreneurs rarely look at the world how it is: instead, they look at it as how they want it to be. Usually, their ideas are a little unconventional, if not totally insane. But there’s a method to their madness that stands the test of time. The Wright brothers, for instance, were considered out of their minds for thinking that lighter-than-air flight was something that was possible. However, just a couple of weeks after the scientific establishment said that it couldn’t be done, they succeeded and founded the aviation industry, one of the largest in the world.

You Love Learning

In the regular job market, you train for a job for a few years, and then you start your career. What most people notice as they get into their careers, however, is that there isn’t much learning or progression. Instead, they’re doing the same things day in, day out.

Entrepreneurs find this excruciatingly dull. They want to make discoveries while they are on the job and are always looking to learn more about their businesses and markets.

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