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With Age Comes Happiness: 5 Tips to Improve the Quality Of Life for the Elderly

2 March 2017 No Comment

Life isn’t measured by the number of days you survived but by how you lived those days. Nobody would wish to live to be a 100 and spend the last 15 years of their life on bed at the mercy of caretakers. It is the quality of life that matters more. Sadly, for many seniors, the quality of life diminishes as they journey towards their final days. When that happens, looking at their medical needs is not enough. Their emotional, physical and mental needs must also be taken care of.

In this article, we are going to list 5 such tips to improve the quality of their life. Read along to find out what they are.

1.      Ensure They Don’t Go Into Depression

Statistics show that majority of the seniors being 65+ are affected by depression. The depression may arise due to a multitude of reasons including losing a spouse, retirement, lack of physical activity etc. To avoid this, ensure that they are never left alone and are given simple tasks to perform so that they stay occupied and do not think too much about getting old, the medical conditions affecting them or death.

Caretakers must also ensure that they don’t suffer from any mental stress. It might include worrying about their finances, a will, or an affordable insurance plan. Let them know that they need not worry about such matters and that they shall be taken care of well.

2.      Encourage Physical Activity

As we grow old, we often overlook the benefits that regular physical activity has on our bodies. It helps relieve the symptoms of depression, improves one’s quality of sleep, stimulates blood flow and builds stamina. Urge seniors to take up walking and to perform some stretching exercises regularly so that they stay active. One of the best ways family members can do so is by gifting them a dog. Not only will it increase their physical activity level, they will also have something to look forward to, during their day.

3.      Ensure They Sleep Well:

An undisturbed night’s sleep is also a must in adults. Insufficient or poor quality of sleep can make them groggy and angered easily. Ensure that they follow a sleeping routine and assist them with living aids to improve the quality of sleep they get.

4.      Indulge In Healthy Eating:

Ensure that they consume a well-balanced diet that is rich in fibre and has low cholesterol and fats. While at it, also ensure that they limit their consumption of junk food, alcohol and cigarettes.

5.      Use the power of technology

Whether we think of technology and assisting aids as life savers or devils in disguise, the truth is that you can use these living aids to help your daily life. Technology has been helping in making life easier for seniors with apps like heart rate monitors, alert systems, diet checkers and intercoms etc. Each of these tools and living aids play a crucial role in saving lives, whether one accepts it or not. Facilitating adults in your home with such living aids will surely improve the quality of their life.

6.      Participate Socially

Lack of mobility is one of the key issues why old men and women feel lonely and isolated. What most people don’t realise is that staying indoors all day, and doing nothing only causes further depression and puts such seniors at a greater risk for dementia. All they need is to feel like they used to before. Provide for them to stay connected with their friends and family, take them to church or community events, help them contribute towards the community by volunteering or picking up a new habit, so that they don’t feel useless or unimportant all the time.

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