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Surviving As A Young Family

27 March 2017 No Comment

The cliché is that it’s never a good time to have a child, and it’s a cliché because it’s true. Whatever your age, and whatever your circumstances the notion of having a child can fill you with dread and especially at such a young age. Many people have children before they even turn 20 and the pressures on them emotionally are massive. The task of bringing up a child while looking for work or surviving on a one-person income, making the money spread out to be enough for 3 or 4 people can be a big stress. What is it that you can do to avoid the financial pitfalls and not feel like you are caught in a never-ending cycle of being paid just enough for it to all come out again?

The first thing to do is do your research! There is a lot of help available that isn’t communicated properly or as obviously as most people would like, from income support to section 8 rentals, where the criteria are assessed based on your income and assets. Keeping a roof over your family is the most important thing, and if you feel you are at breaking point or are unable to cope then by putting your name down for the support as soon as you can, it could be the assistance you desperately need.

It is such an important thing to understand that you need to earn as much money as you can, especially as there are always things that crop up that need paying, whether it is bills or the carry cot you have been paying off for the last 14 months. While it can be a long and difficult process to apply for a job and get turned down for it after months of interviews and competency tests, there are other options for you. Things like online surveys can help to bump the income up, and there are jobs where you can work from home as long as you have an internet connection. It is especially useful if you have a child that demands a lot of your attention, as you don’t have deadlines to work to in doing online surveys, as you can work on them when you have the time/when your children are having a nap.

The emotional impacts are, of course, wide-ranging. You may spend a lot of your time thinking about money, and not thinking about your health. Some simple things to take on board is that you need to be in a good state of health, which doesn’t mean working yourself to the bone, or spending 15 hours a day away from home. You need to make some time for yourself to get back to the baseline of optimum health, so do something that is for you and you alone. It doesn’t need to be much, but it can be some breathing exercises to help you destress, it can be time with a book, or just a moment of pure calm by yourself before everyone wakes up. But you need it, remember that.

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