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Careers For Bookworms: Turning Your Love Of Literature Into A Living

27 April 2017 No Comment

For some reading is an avid hobby. But what if you could turn that hobby into an actual career? Here’s some useful reading for turning your love of books into a paying job.

English teacher/professor

Perhaps the most obvious career path to get involved in literature is to teach literature itself. This could involve anything from being a high school English teacher to a university professor of English. There are now multiple methods of getting into teaching. The traditional route is to get a degree in English and then get experience in a school before entering teacher training. However, you may want to simply be a private tutor, in which case the school experience may not be necessary.


Becoming a librarian ensures that you’re always surrounded by books. Whilst local libraries are sadly dwindling, university libraries are constantly expanding. Libraries are now catering for the digital age too and a new branch of study known as library science is becoming popular. USC offers a library science degree online that could be useful for anyone wanting to study around work or other commitments. Vacancies can be difficult to come by – your best bet is applying directly to every one you can and not looking exclusively for job listings.

Publishing copy editor

Copy editors have the job of proofreading pieces before they’re published. This could involve proofreading anything from magazines to legal documents to leaflets. Those lucky enough to get into book publishing may be able to get a job proofreading fiction and non-fiction books. Copy editors need to have a keen eye for detail and a perfect aptitude for spelling and grammar as they are in charge of settling any grammatical/spelling errors, amending any parts where the style of writing may differ and settling potentially quarrelsome legal areas with the writer. You usually need a publishing degree to get work for a publisher – after several years you may be able to go freelance.

Literary agent

Literary agents or literary PR officers are in charge of marketing books. They can help approach publishers, score reviews and arrange literary events. Having some form of higher education is generally advised, although you may be able to prove your love of literature enough to get a job without such qualifications. Being fairly outgoing and having a mind for marketing is as important in this job role as a love of books.

Bookstore owner

Becoming a bookstore owner requires nothing but a passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. You may benefit from having experience working for a book store before as an employee as it will give you a better idea of how to stock books and which ones sell. You don’t even have to rent out a shop if you think this will be too much of an expense – many people have created business buying and selling books online. As the boss, you get to choose your own stock and set your own prices – plus you can borrow a book for free any time you like.   

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