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Your Reputation Precedes You…

27 April 2017 No Comment

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Your reputation precedes itself, you need to remember this whenever you are starting a career or making a transition into a new one. It forms one law of The 48 Laws Of Power, a book on learning to take advantage of any situation. And when you’re looking to get ahead of the curve, or you’re trying to get in cahoots with the boss, there are some easy ways to make sure that the signals you are giving out are the right ones, even before the boss has even met you!

Keep A File Of Your Achievements

While it may make you feel good about making a big achievement in work, it doesn’t mean a thing unless you communicate it through the right channels. An easy way to do this is to forward a note to the boss about some positive feedback you received from a client. State something along the lines of how that client was a tough one to win, and how much that client is worth in business to the company. That way, the boss has feedback about your abilities from an external source as well as a measured result of what you are bringing to the company.

ABW: Always Be Learning!

In Glengarry Glen Ross, Always Be Closing was the golden rule, but now that has changed to Always Be Learning! To keep ahead of any industry trend, we have to be in our smartphones, attending conferences, taking courses, anything that gives an edge. If you take a course, it doesn’t have to be a night school or involve you taking a year’s sabbatical. You can take an online course, like the ones UAB offer, and do it in your spare time. It used to be that to gain a worthwhile education you would have to physically go somewhere. That’s not the case anymore.

Suggest The Creation Of A Job If The Opportunity Presents Itself

In the world of startups or a large company, the boss is too busy looking at the bigger picture to identify smaller needs. It may be due to staffing issues, or a problem that the boss is unable to see, either way, if you craft a detailed proposal and give enough detail on how the role will generate the company revenue (instead of costing them) it could be the ideal way to showcase your proactive nature. You could even find yourself in a new job, one that you created!

Stand Out, But In The Right Way!

It’s always very easy to point fingers and attribute blame when something goes wrong, and it’s even easier to take the credit, which is a sure-fire way to earn your colleagues’ respect! Instead, taking the blame and sharing the credit are two ways to show that you are imbued with that all-important quality, integrity. Having a great reputation doesn’t mean covering up your mistakes or blaming someone else to keep your head above the parapet, it’s about having honesty and presenting yourself to have qualities that will make you earmarked for promotion. Honesty and integrity are the foundations of this.

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