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4 Company Cars Worth Investing In

19 September 2017 No Comment

Your startup keeps you on the road all the time. Not only do you have to get to and from your office (the dreaded commute), but you also have to go to client meetings, pick up equipment and travel to do your job. This means you need a company car to get you from place to place. The following are some of the best company cars worth investing in for various types of businesses.


You need a reliable car for a reliable business, and the Toyota Camry is just that. The 2018 model is sleeker and sportier than previous models, both inside and out, so you can feel confident pulling up to your office or client meeting. It also has numerous safety features, including a blind spot monitor, brake assist, smart stop technology, vehicle stability control and the typical air bags and seat belts. These features will help you feel more comfortable if your employees regularly have to drive the company car. Since you’re an entrepreneur, you will probably be most interested in the inside features, though. The Camry comes with Wi-Fi Connect Powered by Verizon, so you and your passengers can work from the road. You also can add your most-used apps to your infotainment system, such as Pandora and Google Maps, and charge your smartphone quickly with a Qi fast charger.

Pickup Truck

If you run a rough-and-tumble business that takes you off-roading or into rural areas, you need to consider a pickup truck for your company vehicle. If you haul some equipment with you, but not enough to need a cargo van, a compact pickup option like the Chevrolet Colorado is the way to go. This vehicle has been back on the market for several years and is getting rave reviews around the world. Its handling, steering and ride are smooth and well-designed so you can make it over dirt roads without getting jostled around. The Chevy Colorado is the perfect option if you work in agriculture or farming, rural real estate, nature photography or anything that takes you off the main roads.

Eco-Friendly Car

Your company values the environment, so you do everything you can to be eco-friendly. When you’re looking for a company car that many employees will utilize, consider opting for a hybrid or electric vehicle instead. Think about the type of driving you  and your employees do for your business to help you decide between a hybrid and a fully electric vehicle. If you do a lot of street driving, for example, you might want to invest in a hybrid like the Hyundai Ioniq that can handle all the stops and starts. This car gets up to 58 miles per gallon and can charge up to 80 percent in just 23 minutes. Plus, you can receive tax incentives for purchasing an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Cargo Van

If you regularly need to haul large items or a lot of equipment, you may need a cargo van for your business. The Ford Transit is often recommended because of its interior cargo height, engine power and gas mileage. The high roof makes it great for transporting tall bookshelves, light stands and other bulky equipment. Or, if you need to get your whole team from one place to another, you can switch out the empty back space with seating for up to 15 people. The versatility makes it a great option for construction, moving, art and film jobs.

Each of these cars serves a specific purpose for your business. Whether you’re driving in the city, on back roads or with a lot of gear, you can find a great company car worth investing in.

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