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Differences Between A Keynote And Motivational Speaker

28 September 2017 No Comment

Inspirational speakers (also known as keynote speakers) inspire while motivational speakers motivate. On the face of it this statement would suggest that there is comparatively little difference between these two types of speakers.  Indeed many businesses hire one when they should have the other; and do not notice the difference. In fact, you can hire a huge range of different speakers; from speakers for kick-off conferences to ones for your dinner party.

But there is a difference!

The Role of the Speaker

  • Motivational Speakers

These speakers will embrace a product or method of doing something and extol its virtues to you and your staff.

In the process a good motivational speaker will improve the efficiency of the process and motivate everyone involved to do better. In a sense they will instill a new sense of purpose and passion for the project.

  • Keynote / Inspirational Speakers

Instead of just motivating your team to do better at what they are doing you may be looking for new ideas and innovations. This is where a keynote speaker can excel. The focus of the speech will be on the larger picture; the company; its identity and how it can reach its target market.

By talking about personal tragedies and how they have overcome every obstacle placed in their way, an inspirational keynote speaker can become a hero to their audience.

This connects with your workforce on an emotional level, building a bond which is deep and long lasting. The effects of a good speaker will be felt long after the speech has finished.

When your staff connect with a hero they will instinctively strive to be the best person they can be. Instead of just completing their work they will look at new ways of getting the right results.

In short an inspirational keynote speaker will make you reach for your dreams.

When Should You Use These Speakers?

Both speakers are exceptionally valuable to your firm; they can be just the lift you need in difficult times and help to drive your company forward.

However, as they perform different roles it is worth understanding which ne you should call:

  1. The Motivational Speaker

If your firm is experiencing a higher level of complaints; particular about the service or conduct of your employees; then it is time to get a motivational speaker.

They can assist you team in discovering what the real issue is and how to obtain a solution. Putting your staff in a position to work out their own futures will empower them and motivate them to do better.

  1. The Keynote Speaker

In contrast the keynote speaker looks to develop the personal skills and abilities of every employee; knowing that them being the best they can be will benefit you business and others around them.

A keynote speaker focuses on the larger picture and forces your staff to look beyond your own existence. This is especially useful in tough economic times or when competitors are threatening to destroy your firm.

There is more talent than you realize within your own workforce.


Both types of speakers can be referred to as inspirational but the real role of the motivational speaker is to motivate; the keynote speaker inspires through knowledge and connectivity. The overall result may be similar but sometimes it is about the method used to get your team there; rather than just the result. This is what you should really consider before you book either type of speaker.

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