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“Bad” Jobs (That Really Aren’t So Bad)

16 October 2017 No Comment

Anyone can experience a bad job. Even the job of your dreams, the career you always dreamt of being able to pursue, has the possibility of turning bad. An unpleasant boss, awful working hours– these can happen in any occupation.

However, there are some jobs that seem to always have a poor reputation. They’re the jobs that people assume are always going to be a pain; jobs that are treated as a stop-gap rather than a viable career choice. That’s a shame. We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover, but if we’re honest, most of us would judge these jobs without actually having the chance to try them.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or just something to pay the rent while you pursue studying, you might want to consider these “bad” jobs. Read the truth behind the perception and give them some thought.


Why It’s “Bad”

Waitressing is the kind of job that most people have at some point. By the nature of the industry, most waitressing jobs are short-lived and transitional. It’s an occupation that’s more seen as something that you do for awhile, between other jobs, than anything you do long term.

This transitory nature is one of the reasons waitressing gets such a bad reputation. It’s inherently unstable; hirings and firings in the hospitality industry are common occurrences. Then there’s the fact that restaurant customers can be deeply unpleasant to their wait staff— who in their right mind would want to work in such an environment?

Why It’s Actually Good

Here’s who: people who like to be busy. Boredom at work is the worst kind of boredom; you can’t do anything but sit around and wait for a task to fill up the hours. Jobs that fly by quickly are by far the better option, especially if you’re just looking for a side hustle. Waitressing is fast-paced so there’s no risk of boredom, plus your take in tips can be substantial.

Retail Store Clerk

Why It’s “Bad”

The job description “retail store clerk” brings to mind someone who is rushed off their feet, underpaid for their work, and stuck doing the same repetitive motions all the time. Throw a few badly behaving customers into the mix, and perhaps it’s no wonder that retail work has got such a terrible reputation

Why It’s Actually Good

Firstly, as discussed, being busy is a good thing. Secondly, retail jobs tend to be fairly stable, and there’s plenty of room for upward progression if you decide to make retail your career. Most retail work will also come with decent benefits, and you’ll be able to add more hours as and when it suits you.

So if you want to learn more, Dillards careers and similar stores might be able to offer an intriguing and even exciting workplace. Sure, there might be the occasional disagreement with a customer, but there’s plenty of upsides to make retail work worthwhile nevertheless.

Customer Service

Why It’s “Bad”

Being paid to sit on the phone to customers all day– that’s got to be the worst job there is, right? We’re all heard the horror stories about the heartbreaking monotony of customer service work. You’d be spending your days listening to complaints from customers who will often be rude, trapped at the same desk, and ultimately having no power to truly help people. Surely this is the kind of job that people only do in a financial pinch?

Why It’s Actually Good

Good customer service advisors can make a difference to people’s lives, even within the narrow parameters they are allowed to operate by their company. There’s also the fact that the jobs are plentiful, so if you specialize in this area, then you shouldn’t be out of work. Most call centers have decent shift patterns, so you can arrange your hours to suit yourself, and there’s plenty of opportunity for decent upwards progression too. Sure, it’s not the most exciting job in the world — and being shouted at for something that isn’t your fault isn’t exactly fun — but on the occasions you are actually able to help people, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

So if you’re in need of work, don’t allow yourself to be put off just because a job has a bad reputation. The choices ahead of you in terms of work are open to interpretation; any job can be a bad one, so just try and make the most of any employment that you do enter.

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