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Taking Turkey Seriously – The Backlash Following Iraqi Kurd’s Referendum

16 October 2017 No Comment

Turkey has now made some very worrying threats which could result in a significantly crippling reduction in oil trading made with Iraqi Kurds. This aggression has stemmed from how the Iraqi Kurds have pledged their backing for the independence from Baghdad that was revealed in a referendum which has now shocked Ankara as it continues to face insurgency from separatists.

The majority of the oil that runs through a pipeline which extends from Iraq to Turkey is supplied from Kurdish soils, and such an end to the flow could devastate the Kurdish Regional Government, which heavily depends on the selling of crude oil for a vast majority of its solid currency revenues.

Then there are the live commodity prices, which could easily begin to go haywire as the global oil industry suddenly begins losing out on one of the most integral sources in the world. The Kurds in Iraq have endorsed a secession through a nine against one voting session held last Monday, which has indeed infuriated Turkey, not to mention the central Baghdad government, as well as these states’ neighbors and nations at large who have now begun fearing the worst regarding the return of regional conflict.

The Presidents Step in

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi and his office released a statement on Thursday that he had been informed by the Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim through a telephone call that Turkey is indeed planning on breaking its previous practices to deal solely with the government in Baghdad regarding Iraqi oil exporting.

The pipeline has so far operated at a normal pace, regardless of threats issued by Turkey regarding the imposition of economic sanctions that would befall the newly independint Kurdish region within Iraq. According to Turkish officials – who have been applying significant pressure already – their stifling efforts will continue to increase.

Erdogan spoke of his talks with Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, the Kurdish government engaged in erroneous activities by deciding to continue with their referendum, and must indeed be halted from continuing with their perceived errors.

Both Erdogan and Putin are joined in their beliefs that the territorial safety of Syria and Iraq must be strictly controlled. Although Yildirim would definitely rather not have to respond insincerely to any threats on Turkish security and border integrity, it would indeed fall to such assertion if necessary.

Yildirim continued to reveal that he has come to an agreement with Abadi regarding the coordination of economic trade cohesion to do with the Baghdad central government. He stated that Iraq, Iran, and Turkey may end up meeting to collaborate regarding the recently held referendum.

Bekir Bozdag, a spokesman for the Turkish government, informed the media that the armed forces of Turkey would now no longer be training the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which would otherwise guard oil fields from being taken by the Islamic State of Iraq, as well as the Levant. Fears continue to mount all around the world as these recent developments continue to bring instability to the Middle East.

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