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King Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia

19 October 2017 No Comment

King Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia is a full-service financial brokerage company.  Established in 2007, King Capital Management Company was created by a highly experienced professional team.  These experts identified and chose to fill a void in the market for bespoke financial services for corporations, expatriates and professionals throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The team members are well trained and have a remarkable amount of cumulative experience in fixed income markets, stocks, bonds and commodities.  The company specializes in financial brokerage, wealth advisory, expatriate services and other types of financial services.  The company also provides discretionary and advisory services.

Discretionary Services

Discretionary Portfolio Management Service involves entrusting investment decisions to a team of portfolio management professionals.  The company has a collection of discretionary portfolios that are tailored across a variety of client risk profiles.  As such, they actively manage these portfolios to mitigate risks and capture opportunities.

The advantages of the discretionary services include:

  • An exceptional track record
  • Carefully researched security selection
  • Consistent risk monitoring
  • A wide product range and high quality research
  • A team approach to consistency in performance
  • Using diversified sources of risk to execute robust risk management
  • Investment restrictions applied across industry, country and asset classes
  • Returns have been steadily exceeding portfolio benchmarks during a rolling five-year period

Advisory Services

If you would like to have an option where you trade actively and make your own investment decisions but you do not have the resources or time to do so, the advisory services are ideal for you.

The advisory services provided by King Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia enable you to take advantage of the best opportunities in this fast-paced financial market as you make your own investment decisions.  The company will provide you with recommendations and insight through a consistent interactive advisory process, supported by your risk profile.

The advantages of the advisory services offered by King Capital Management include:

  • Active trading support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expert investments recommendations
  • Direct access to our specialists and a dedicated dealer for personalized assistance
  • Access to a vast array of brokers
  • Superior execution capabilities
  • A broad range of securities

Being heavily invested in a single country could negatively impact your portfolio should that particular market get hit. By investing with King Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia, you can benefit from regions and industries where the markets are strong.

King Capital Management is currently looking to hire an account manager. The job will entail Duties Advise customers through cross-selling wealth management products that include: insurance structure deposits loans and unit trusts investments Meet with existing and potential customers to assess their advisory needs Work with our cross-disciplinary team to address customer needs Provide excellent customer service through long-term customer relationship and the requirements are Requirements
Degree in finance, economics, or information technology
Comfortable with working on flexible working schedule which includes weekends
Flair for banking and wealth management

For more information or to apply visit https://glints.sg/opportunities/jobs/14081 or go to http://www.kingcapitalmanagement.com/

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