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Look Around to Find the Best Deal on Credit Assistance

15 November 2017 No Comment

There are many reasons why you might need to look around to get the best deal on credit assistance. It could be because you’re putting so much on your credit cards and feel like you need help to manage your debt or maybe you have your business to run, and you don’t have the patience and time to deal with delinquent accounts. Credit assistance companies can help you to manage your student loans, pay off debt, or just get a firm grip on your budget.

With so many scam credit assistance companies out there, it is difficult to know which one is the best. Are they reliable enough not to mess up your bond with your lenders? Can they, without doubt, repair your credit? Are they going to charge you so much money and only raise your credit to a few points? All of these are valid questions you should ask when shopping around to find the best deal on credit assistance.

There are a few credit assistance companies that stand above all other services; they have a lot of unique features which makes them entirely different. Here’s a quick overview of some of these companies and the credit assistance they can offer:


Creditrepair.com is one of the most popular options among the people with bad credit. They’re created to be a one-stop solution for people who want credit monitoring and credit repair all-in-one. The comprehensive service solution allows customers to stay on top of their credit 24/7, even while they are away from the computer.

Creditrepair.com provides both text and email alerts when significant changes happen on your credit report. It offers the basics of credit repair which includes fixing errors in your description, good faith letters, and contesting items on your report by using loopholes. It communicates directly with the credit bureaus and credit card issuers to make sure changes have been made. The service also monitors their customer’s credit and provides a user interface that tracks their progress.

Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is one of the fastest growing companies, and it is a firm that is committed to improving the lives of their clients by assisting them in the removal of unverifiable, erroneous, and inaccurate information from their credit history while also educating them on how to avoid same mistakes in the future.

Not only does the company provide a free consultation with certified FICO professionals, but it is BBB Accredited with the A+ rating, and Credit Pros service also includes goodwill letters to creditors and unlimited disputes at no additional cost to the customer. In addition to all these, Credit Pros has many other features to note which includes; 24/7 Access, in-house licensed attorneys, and transparent Payment Options.

Tips for Hiring a Credit Assistance Company

Verify the Company’s Legitimacy

There are different rules for debt collection at localities and states, and you have to make sure the company you hire is licensed, bonded, and adhere to the provisions of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. You should also ensure that the agencies are not under the investigation of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Do Your Research

Credit assistance companies usually specialize in specific areas! Some excel in credit repair while others do well in data management plans. Find out what sorts of credit assistance service a company offers.


The price of services varies widely by companies, individual financial needs, and state. Before you commit to any service, make sure you understand the complete cost and verify the amount that will be paid monthly. Before you sign up we recommend you check a coupon deal site like https://couponcause.com/ to see if the company you’ve chosen has any deals for new users. Believe it or not they often offer incentives to new clients.


Take a few minutes to put together the details of your finances before calling a credit assistance agency. Look around to find the best deal on credit assistance by trying out your first session using multiple companies to know which deal suits you best. You have to be sure that you can afford the service and be comfortable with the agent in charge of your finance.

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