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How to Choose An Auto Insurance Company You Can Count On

17 November 2017 No Comment

There’s a lot of exciting firsts to look forward to when you buy your own car. The first time you drive it off the lot, the first road trip, the first car wash…but one first you’re probably not looking forward to is getting set up with your first auto insurance policy. “Fun” and “exciting” may not be words you’d use to describe insurance, but when you reach that first accident milestone (don’t get us wrong, we know you’re a world-class driver, but accidents happen to everyone sooner or later) you’ll want all the choice words you have for your insurance company to be positive. Cheap, bare bones insurance is definitely a thing, and it can cover your minimum insurance coverage requirements to get you on the road legally, but that kind of insurance isn’t going to seem like such a great deal when you need to get your car fixed up after a crash and you’re looking at sky-high deductibles, hassle and delays in getting your claims paid, and finding out that not all of the repairs you need are even covered. You want an insurance company that’s by your side, in your corner, and has your back! Here’s a few tips for making sure the company you’re paying to insure you is going to be there for you when you need them.

Check the reviews! You’re reading this on the internet, so you’ve got no excuse for not looking up all of the information, rankings, consumer ratings, and any other info you can find about the insurance companies you’re considering. Lots of websites will provide in-depth, specific information that can help you make an informed choice. For instance, WalletHub’s review of Mercury Insurance lists pros and cons, their overall ranking, issues customers may have had, and their financial health. You can also find information about insurance companies from organizations like J.D. Power or the Better Business Bureau, or even check to see what people are saying about them on Facebook or Twitter.

What’s covered? All insurance policies are not created equal, and you’re going to have to put some thought into what kind of coverage you want and how much you’re willing to sacrifice in terms of coverage in order to save on your monthly bills. Liability coverage can pay for medical bills and other expenses that you might be on the hook for if you injure somebody in an accident for which you were found to be at fault. Collision coverage can cover additional repairs in the event of a car crash, and comprehensive coverage will pay for even more repairs, even if another vehicle wasn’t involved. And if the worst case scenario happens and you get totaled by another driver who isn’t insured, then uninsured motorist coverage can be a lifesaver. All of this extra coverage is going to cost you, but you’ll be so glad to have it if you ever need it. Think carefully about what makes the most sense for your driving habits and financial situation.

Get some benefits! Insurance companies aren’t all just about paying out claims when you have an accident. A good company is going to look out for you and keep things running smoothly whenever you’re on the road, because it makes good business sense for them to have your car in proper working order. So make sure you know what kind of additional benefits any insurance company you’re looking into provides, and take advantage of them when you need to! Roadside assistance and cracked window replacement are two common things your insurance company might handle for you.

And finally, be a model customer! Insurance companies love customers who don’t end up costing them a lot of money in claim payouts, so if you can demonstrate what a safe and responsible driver you are by keeping a clean driving record, driving a newer car with great safety features, and accurately reporting your mileage, they’ll reward you with discounts on your premiums. You might even be able to install an electronic data reporting device in your car that can vouch for what an awesome driver you are and get you even bigger savings. You’ve got to carry insurance coverage for your vehicle no matter what, so get your head in the game and spend a little effort to do your research (however long it took you to pick out your car’s audio system options, you can spend at least as much time choosing a good insurance policy) and go with a solid insurance company that offers the coverage, benefits, and pricing that works best for you.

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