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Plan for Your Future by Caring for Your Body Now

11 December 2017 No Comment

Are you doing everything you can to prepare for your future? Many people think they’ve made wise financial decisions, which is often the case, but you don’t have an excuse to stop looking for ways to boost your savings account or bolster your portfolio. For example, you may have a good life insurance policy, but you may need to pay more than necessary for your premiums.

You can find scores of ways to lower how much you pay for life insurance, and factors such as your body type can affect the rates that an agent quotes for you. Your body mass index or waist-to-hip ratio, for example, will be considered. These results indicate whether you have an increased risk for factors such as heart disease, and poor outcomes may mean that an insurer will take on greater risk in insuring you.

Although you can’t change all aspects of your body type, such as your family’s health history, understanding the factors that go into an insurer’s decision can help you optimize your lifestyle and habits in a way that leads to lower premiums. Start today: The best time to lower your rates is now, as life insurance becomes more expensive as you grow older. Learn how your body type can affect your rates for life insurance, and use the knowledge you gain to decrease what you pay for your life insurance policy.  Health IQ has several other quizzes to take and many resources you can explore to learn more about this topic.


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