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Starting Your New Business After Christmas

15 December 2017 No Comment

If Christmas has left you with a bit of a downturn in finances, and you want to capitalize on the public mindset of grabbing as many sales as they can during the few months at the beginning of the year, get ahead of the rest. Starting a new business after Christmas is a good thing to consider, as usually the rush before New Year and the calm after the 2nd January means you’re making plenty of money at your current job but still have a little breathing room for planning. However, usually, this isn’t thought of as a time to start up with anything, but it’s actually a good set up time for a new business. Here’s a few reasons why!

It’s Easier to Reach Others

Everyone is on social media during the festive holidays; plenty of family trips, posts asking for present advice, and simple spare time are floating around on boards like Facebook. This works fully to your advantage as potential customers will be more at reach than usual!

Keep an eye out for groups dedicated to linking in the Christmas joy and personally advertise to their members. Similarly, get your friends interested in your venture, and have them tell their friends.

It’s a Quieter Time to Get Started

In institutions like Hollywood, one of the biggest in the world, any movies released in the springtime months are expected to be flops. Many people aren’t on the lookout to go the movies at this time of year, as it’s colder outside and summer is the primetime for the hits to be released. So, using this cycle of forgotten enterprises, setting up your business in this quiet time gives you plenty of opportunity to get everything in order.

Go window shopping for your physical location if you have the money to find one. If not, and you know you really need one as your business plan dictates, check out services like New Horizons for a quick solution. You also have a good amount of time to get your inventory together and find the necessary employees. Don’t worry if you think this feels too long, the days go by a lot quicker than you’d think during these initial stages!

People Like Convenience

If you manage to get your company up and running before the prime time of the early summer months, opening a much needed business in your local area means people will flock to you. No longer does commuting have to be such a big part of conducting a shopping trip, and less and less people will turn to online retailers if you’re just down the road.

Keep an eye out for these prime locations, as letting prices usually aren’t as high during these months compared to the rest of the year. If you can manage a rent during this traditionally slow period, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to keep up for the rest of your tenancy!

Put very simply, starting a business couldn’t get easier than this!

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