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What Credit Card Benefits Are Best For You?

19 December 2017 No Comment

We all use credit cards. Along with cash and 401ks, they tend to be one of the basic components of everyday financial life. But sometimes, you’re not really using yours to its potential. Okay, so you make purchases and then make payments, and you tend to do both pretty automatically. But do you really know that the credit card you have is the best one for you? When was the last time you reviewed what you have? When it comes to our income, we tend to be pretty on the ball about what we get and how we continue to improve that. So it’s essential that you can spread that across the rest of your financial life to ensure that the benefits you’re getting are the best. To help with that, let’s take a look at some you could consider.

Cash Back

One of the very first offers you’re going to find when searching for benefits is cashback. And this is often a preferred choice. Depending on the card, you’ll earn a certain percentage of cashback on the purchases that you make. This can often be a huge plus to a lot of people. You can often see it as money off your purchases, or money back for later purchases to be made.


Similarly, other kinds of cards will offer you points. You’ll collect them as you make purchases with your credit card. These kinds of cards, such as the the TJmaxx rewards credit card, can earn you points in two ways. The first, like that one, allows you to collect more points while shopping at certain stores, and standard points everywhere else. Others just offer a flat points system. Both will then allow you to redeem your points against certain items, coupons, or gift certificates.

Promotional Rates

Another option that may be best suited to you is working with a promotional rate. This isn’t going to be something that everyone wants to work with, but it can be a strong option if you have a balance on your credit card, or you’re looking to make a big purchase or two. Promotional rates can allow you to shop at zero percent and receive no interest for a set period of time, or pay zero percent or a lower rate than your advertised APR on a balance you already have.

Airline Miles

If you’re someone that regularly uses airlines, you may hugely benefit from working with an air miles based credit card. You’ll be able to earn points to redeem as you shop. If you fly often, then this could be the best option for you above all else.

Prepaid Cards

And finally, there’s also the option of prepaid cards to be thinking about. These aren’t technically credit cards, as you’re not getting credit, you’re topping up the funds yourself. But they do have huge benefits if you’re not in need of credit, and you won’t have to pay interest rates on purchases and they can often stop you from getting into debt.

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