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Thinking About Going Into A Law Enforcement Job? Here Are 6 Qualities You MUST Have

3 January 2018 No Comment

It’s inevitable that a job in law enforcement means having to interact with a variety of people including those who are friendly, hostile, stubborn or vulnerable. Whether you’ve already had experience and want to go back into a public safety job, or are still in education and thinking about it as a future career, here are six qualities you must demonstrate to be successful.


Probably one of the most essential characteristics of any Public Safety job is the ability to be trueful. To pass the interview stage, employers must see that you demonstrate an honest nature with every situation you face. For an investigation into a crime to be conducted fairly, it’s up to the law enforcement officers to abide by the rules and make any important notes or statements in a truthful conduct.

Decision making and critical thinking

It’s impossible for a law enforcement officer to follow a strict routine, as each day on the job is so different to the next. Being able to make decisive actions in a fast and effective way is one of the first qualities which is taught during an online safety degree. A police officer must train themselves to be able to efficiently evaluate and analyze facts correctly, then make a sound decision.


To attain a job related to public safety and to be successful with every difficult situation you face, you must be an empathic person. Empathy is the skill of being able to understand one’s feelings and to respond to those feelings with deep appreciation. If a police officer has this quality, it makes their job ten times easier by being able to turn a negative encounter into a positive one. The communication they receive from witnesses and suspects will be more negotiable too.


The quality of compassion starts where empathy ends. Because empathy means to have an understanding of another’s feelings, compassion is to put that understanding into action. Having a compassionate side to your nature will help in building up a good relationship with someone who was involved in a situation. Whether they’re a victim, suspect or even witness, compassion must be a characteristic for a police officer to use in their daily job.

Communication skills

Having brilliant communication skills is another vital quality. It isn’t just verbal communication too, if you go into law enforcement you must possess exceptional body language too. The correct use of facial expressions, head nods, bodily stance and hand gestures all impact the way an encounter progresses. If the victim/suspect can see that you’re trying to understand the situation and their motives, it will be resolved more swiftly. Nonverbal communication signals are one of the main things which police officers are trained in, and it helps if you are a step ahead!

Fantastic listener

Being a great listener comes under the same bracket as communication skills. It’s all well and good if you can communicate effectively, but you must also be able to listen to others and judge the situation from their tone of voice and words they use. Listening skills work especially well in an interrogation stage, where a law enforcement officer must listen to the suspect’s account and judge whether they are telling the truth or lying.

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