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Ways NY State Helps You Save

29 January 2018 No Comment

You know that guy with the Riddler suit who sells those books of free government aid programs? He’s pretty corny, sure, but he’s got a good point (that he screams on cheap late-night commercials like a lunatic). The truth is that people just don’t know how much money they have coming to them in savings, grants, loans and aid. One area where people are in the dark on what they’re owed is car insurance. If you live in NYC or New York state, check it out: You could be saving’ some serious cash on your insurance, without buying a new car and without switching providers. Here’s just a few ways how:

The Point and Insurance Reduction Program

Here’s how this works: If you take a defensive driving course, NY insurance providers are required to cut you a break. In some states this discount is five percent, which isn’t bad, but in New York, the NY State Insurance Commissioner has dictated up to ten percent reduction for three years on the base rate. You can repeat this every three years, so you can essentially extend your ten percent discount indefinitely. A defensive driving course can be completed in a weekend, and can even have points knocked off your record entirely. Plus, if you can talk the judge into it, you might be able to have ticket charges lowered to just the court costs if you agree to a defensive driving course.

Add New Features to An Old Car

You may know this one already, but if you’re willing to spend a few bucks on safety upgrades to your car, you can save a lot more than you spent in the long run. If your car was made after 1990, you probably already have all the features required for this discount, but if you drive an 80’s model or a classic, then having automatic seat belts or air bags put in might help you to get a nice little discount on your coverage. DRL, or daytime running lamps, are also going to get you a mandatory discount. The same goes for anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices.

Careful Driver Discounts

Careful driver discounts will vary from insurer to insurer, but it’s hard to find a provider that does not offer a deal for safe driving. Just think “How would Jesus drive?” and you’ll be on the right track for some great discounts. Insurance companies want to attract safe drivers. They don’t want to have to pay out any more often than necessary, meaning that they’re generally going to want to cut you a break if you’re a safe driver so that they can earn your business. How much you save from one insurance provider to another will vary, but if you drive safely, if you go for years without being found at fault in an accident, then you’re going to wind up saving money.

Insurance costs can add up quickly, and every dollar you’re not spending on coverage is a dollar you could put into savings or just spend on a new pair of shoes. So, every discount counts. Take the time to find out what discounts are available to you based on any number of factors like your age, how long you’ve been driving, some providers even offer discounts based on your career. Check your local regulations, and check to see what your provider offers so that you can make sure to get every dollar you have coming to you.

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