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My Experience at a For-Profit University

3 February 2018 No Comment

I have two degrees from For-Profit institutions. It is hard to say if the degrees were worth it. I do have the ability to compare a For-Profit university with a state run university as I transferred schools.


The tuition at the For-profit University was more expensive than the state school. However, I was paying out of state tuition at the state school and I no longer had to pay room and board. I was able to work full time when I went to the For-profit school and I was also able to get some tuition reimbursement. I went to Strayer University and currently tuition would range between $1590 per course if going full time. The out of state tuition is $1380 per course at the state university. Of course at the state university I was paying for room and board so the costs would be a wash.


The academics were roughly the same. I had to take a few repeat courses when I transferred but the majority of my credits transferred. Plus, the courses that I did have to retake weren’t too bad, since I had some assistance from one of my associates at Prescott Papers. The biggest difference I noticed when I transferred was the professor’s attitude. The professor was excited and happy to be teaching. I did not get that at the state school. The emphasis appeared to be more on the student than state standards as well. State schools had their standards and for- profit school had top notch professors. I was a business student and I was taught by teachers who had taught at Stanford in some cases.


The social aspect was stronger for me at the state university. Living on campus one was able to develop lifelong friends. Going to a for-profit school this aspect was lost even though there were some group projects. The social aspect was missing. However, at the state school I was not able to gain work experience as I went to school. There was also much more diversity at the for-profit university which is an advantage.


A quality education can be had at both a state school and for-profit university. Yes tuition appears to be more at the for-profit institution however it depends if one is paying more fees and out-of state tuition. Sometimes the difference is not that much. The for-profit experience is probably better suited for a non-traditional student. It is important that the school is accredited and recognized. It is also important to analyze the needs of a student before making a decision.


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