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How To Buy Domain Names At Lower Prices?

28 February 2018 No Comment

Lower prices don’t always translate to compromises. Just a bit of thought and trick is all you need to zero down on a domain name that won’t cost you a major fraction of your investment.

If you are planning to buy cheap domains, there are many places to buy the same. But just the search won’t help. You need to be tactical in your approach and be sure of what you want.  Most of the domain name providers offer domains, but the prices vary on certain factors.

Let’s hack the secret of buying cheap domains that don’t actually sound ‘cheap.’

Buying For Longer Duration

If you are planning to choose a domain name, rather than choosing for one year, it is better that you go for a longer duration. Consider going for two or more years. And the advantages are just too many. First, you are locked for a lower price and will be safe from any price rise in the time to come. You will also save a lot of time and hassle when you go for a longer duration as you don’t have to worry about renewing the domain every year.

Try Other Domains

You may also consider going for other gTLDs that are lesser popular. If the dot.com domain comes for a higher price, then go for a domain like “.me,” “.host,” “.net” etc. Working this way, you may save some money on domain price as well while actually creating a domain name that looks personalized and elite.

Don’t Go For Auctioned Names

If you are planning to buy auctioned domains, then you may save a lot of money by not going for them! Oops! Premium domains sell for hundreds and sometimes millions of dollars. Avoid going for auctioned names if you want to save money. Not just that, once a domain name becomes popular, it may be difficult to build a brand name around it in later stages.

See the Conditions Carefully

Many registrars charge nothing for private registration. You have to find out if you are also being charged for such registration. Cheap domains are not always cheaper if they are coming at extra costs.

Buy From an Established Registrar

You go to buy a domain from the market; many providers offer the same. But it is always better to buy from the established registrars as then you can remain sure that they are going to be in business for long. It is also important to see that you are getting round the clock services.


Going for the cheap domains is fine, but then you have to make sure that you are getting the desired results as well.

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