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Where Can You Make The Most Money?

28 February 2018 No Comment

Are you feeling like you’re not making enough money? We all do for the most part of our lives. Right from the minute you leave education and go into full time work, things seem to go a bit downhill. You’ll start living your own life with multiple bills to pay, it can just be so draining both financially and mentally. Knowing you’re struggling to get by with minimal amount of money for pleasure just creates one big ball of stress. So we don’t doubt that you’ll be constantly thinking of ways in which you can make more money. A lot of people will think the lottery is the only option, but the lottery never seems to come through, no matter how many tickets you buy. The place you really need to be looking is your career. It is most likely the reason you’re in the situation you’re in. There’s plenty more money out there to be made if you know what to do or where to look. That’s what we’re here to help you with today. Here’s a few ways that you can make more money to help give you a better lifestyle.

Career Hunting

Searching for a new career is daunting for a lot of people. If you feel this way, it is easy to understand one. For one, you’ll probably find the process of actually handing in your notice really awkward and stressful. A lot of people stay in a job they really don’t like, and one that might not be making them the most money, just because they don’t want to feel any awkwardness. A lot of people also don’t take the jump to leave their job because they feel comfortable. They know the people, they know exactly what they’re doing, and they might find the job easy. Leaving to a job that you’ve never done before, and to one where you don’t know anyone can be stressful. But staying in a job that’s getting you nowhere is just going to leave you miserable in the long run. So the first step in career hunting is figuring out what you actually want to do. If you love working with children, there’s plenty of careers for that, if you’re good with numbers, there’s even more that will be suitable for you. If you’re making this move, you want to make sure it is worthwhile. Research salaries and see what is available for your chosen field. Some companies pay more than others, so it is a good idea to do plenty of research to see what you can find. Then you need to think about updating, or even finding your CV. If you’ve sat in a comfortable career for years, we guarantee you won’t even know where your CV is. A good CV has to show you off. It has to put you in the best light possible if you want to beat other candidates. Make sure you’re putting down your best personal attributes, and saying how the experiences you already have have prepared you to take on the role you’re applying for. Whatever you do though, you need to make sure you’re going for a career that is paying more than what you’re currently on, and that there’s plenty of room for progression to make more money.

Further Your Education

Sometimes a better education is all you need on your quest to making more money. The higher educated you are, the more doors that are going to open for you. We know that it’s hard to return back to education when you’re in full time work. It is often expensive as well. So why not look into online courses and see where that will take you. A lot of them are not too expensive, and they give you all the time and guidance you need to achieve the grade of the course. All you have to do is a quick google search to see what courses there are in your specific area of interest. There are different levels of education that you can take as well. The higher you can go the better off you will be. You might also enjoy learning something new and taking a different approach to life and your career. Just be prepared to put in the effort. The thought of going back into education and learning something is exciting for a lot of people, but it is often more hard work they people realise.

Work From Home

Yes, working from home can make you the most money. But actually getting to the point where you can work from home isn’t easy. You have to get lucky, and you have to know what to do to make it sustainable. One of the best ways to make money from home and make a career out of it is through writing. You’ll have to have had some experience, so doing work for free around your normal job to begin with is the way forward with this. Working from home doing something like freelance writing work gives you the freedom to decide how much work you take on, and in turn, how much money you can make. There are other ways as well such as a home beauty business, or even photography. It’ll be a hard graft to get it going, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Saving Money

Sometimes it isn’t out jobs that are holding us back money wise so much, it is the way we use the money we actually have. If you know you’re a sucker for buying yourself a little ‘treat’ every time you walk into a shop, then it could be your spending habits. People are so bad for wasting money they don’t really have. So the best way to make money is often to save it. We recommend doing a detailed money plan each month to see what you have coming and going out. Even include a little treat here and there for yourself. That way it is so much easier to stick to. People fail because they’re being far too strict with themselves, and leave little money for play.

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