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The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Not Going Anywhere

28 February 2018 No Comment

It may have taken a while to get used to having actual games on our smartphones that were not some imitation of Snake or a one-player card game, but ever since smartphones began ruling the roost, everybody and their grandmother wanted to get in on the action.

And this is not without good reason. We have found a way to look busy in public without being busy at all, we have used these games to ignore the world around us on the train or waiting at the doctor’s just to pass the time before something important needs happen.

As the games have evolved, we have seen a whole plethora of different styles, genres, and themes that have kept us glued to the screens in the exact way our parents told us not try and avoid. But while video games were once something that only the kids enjoyed (mostly), mobile games seem to permeate all age groups, and it is not unusual to see your mum, dad, aunt, or even grandmother swiping away on Fruit Ninja or showing off their personal Springfield on Tapped Out.

This is the beauty of mobile games that is perhaps not as possible with our consoles. Apart from the fact that consoles and their complementary games cost money, it is the convenience of having a device on us at all times that we can just pop back in our pocket without having to worry about saving the game and losing our progress.

Furthermore, there is something for everyone. Whether you like your puzzles, your adventure, your arcade, your sports, or your RPG, and some of them are quite good, there will be an option for you to lose hours upon hours (and maybe miss your stop) on the Play or Apple Store.

In the early days of mobile gaming, the store would be full of poorly developed knockoffs of Game of Thrones or Spiderman. However, as storage and RAM have increased along with mobile gaming’s popularity, we now have fully fledged mobile games for all of our favourite franchises, including Final Fantasy 15. This has represented a shift in how profitable mobile gaming can be, and now nearly every commodity out there; be it TV or music, or something new will have a dedicated game for fans to get their extra fix.

And while some of the better games come with just a slight cost, there is plenty to discover for free, also, even if they come with microtransactions when playing the game – which you can and should, of course, elect to entirely ignore. Some people will download a game and play it a couple of times before realising it’s not all that, and will then delete it. With other platforms, this would be considered a huge waste of money. However, with mobile gaming, we often don’t think twice when removing it from our devices.

There isn’t really any number one game for you to pass the time. What matters is that you find a game that you enjoy and can waste hours on as you wait for the taxi to roll up beside you. Mobile gaming might have just the smallest reputation of time-wasting, but games have always been looked at in this way. With the possibilities available to you, there is no limit to what you can discover as you wait for a ride.

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