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Is Lack of Confidence Affecting Your Paycheck?

6 March 2018 No Comment

Do you sometimes feel like your lack of self-worth is holding you back in life and work? If so, you are in very good company. While competence is an essential ingredient in achieving workplace success – and, by default, a higher pay packet – it will only take you so far down the road. Your skills, knowledge and talent must be combined with a reasonable amount of confidence if you want to succeed at work and get paid what you really deserve.

Unfortunately, there are far too many people out there who are perfectly competent and skilled to become exceptional leaders. But because they lack confidence in themselves, they never reach the heights they should. In fact, confidence can even overcompensate for competence – as anyone with a boss or team leader who has the gift of the gab but little else to back it up will testify.

If you are lacking in confidence, don’t panic – there’s good news ahead. Confidence isn’t some innate ability or superpower, it’s entirely learned. And there is a multitude of ways you can take action and become a lot more self-assured and confident than you are today. Let’s take a closer look.

Assess yourself

The first step is to get a pen and piece of paper and write down everything you know about yourself. What do you do well, and what projects have you worked on in the past that have brought success? Try to be objective about this assessment as much as possible, and don’t forget about including any other talents that you might have that could be applied to your business or job role. For example, maybe you are something of a whizz at Photoshop in your spare time  – could that be something you could offer your employer to help with designing or imaging for the business?

Assess what you want

Next, it’s time to write down what you actually want to achieve in life and the workplace. The idea here is to start visualizing where you actually want to end up and give yourself a reason for going to work every day and trying to improve yourself. Visualization is so important, as it sets the scene for you to go out and grab your own life, rather than being a participant in someone else’s. Also, bear in mind that once you start imagining the role you want, you will start to develop the traits necessary to become that person – and other people will buy into that vision as well.

Get out of your comfort zone

Your lack of confidence is holding you back from trying new things and entering areas that are out of your comfort zone. And it’s something of a vicious circle – you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone because you don’t believe you can. The big question is – how can you break the cycle? Start by taking baby steps. Perhaps you could volunteer for projects, or start applying for jobs that you don’t really believe you will get. Who knows where it might take you? Ultimately, by taking this simple step in the full knowledge that nothing matters or changes if you don’t succeed, you’ll soon start to realize that it isn’t that difficult. And, more importantly, if you do achieve success, it will do wonders for your confidence.

Recognize compliments

When you are lacking in confidence, it can be difficult to accept praise or recognition, simply because you don’t believe it. But if someone tells you ‘good job’ – it’s because they mean it. Your employers and team leaders aren’t going to accept poor performance, as it costs them money. And when you do something well, they will tell you because they want you to do more of it and earn them more money. So, regardless of your interpretation, the simple truth is that people don’t give you compliments when they are undeserved – so learn to recognize those facts.

Fake it til you make it

Ask any successful person and – if they are being truthful – all of them will tell you that they had to pretend they were successful before they ended up that way. With this in mind, learning to act or taking peer coaching could help. For example, let’s say you take some Sanford Meisner acting classes and learn what is known in the acting trade as the ‘Meisner Technique.’ You’ll learn to get out of your own head and put more focus on the other actors (your colleagues and leaders, in this case) rather than your inner thoughts and feelings. Eventually, this style of acting will teach you to react instinctively to your environment – the perfect way to ‘fake it till you make it.’

Exercise, often

If you are suffering from any work-based anxieties or lacking in confidence, try exercising more regularly than you do right now. Working out is a challenge where you are up against yourself, and once you start to feel like you are winning, you will find your self-confidence soars. Not only that, of course, but exercise releases all kinds of wonderful, confidence-boosting chemicals in your brain, which help make you feel better about yourself, improves your moods, and reduces your stress levels. Why not give it a go and see how you get on?

Surround yourself with positive people

When you are feeling low on confidence, it’s all too easy to find others with similar outlooks and all be morose together about your lives. But the reality is that you need to spend time with positive people if you want to pull yourself out of this particular funk. Get out of the house and be more sociable. Join some clubs, or start doing some community activities – volunteer for charities or nonprofits, too. Find friendly, supportive people with positive outlooks and you will soon realize how infectious it can be.

OK, so there you have it – some simple methods to employ if you are suffering from a lack of confidence. If you want to increase your earning power or get that job and lifestyle you always wanted, it’s essential that you fix your confidence issues.

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