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Getting The Right Customer Service Care For Your Home Improvement Needs

4 April 2018 No Comment

Are you getting ready to embark on a major home improvement project? One thing’s for certain, any type of material or cost of services or labor will affect your bank account. Sticking to a budget can be hard to do, especially as things pop up throughout the course of getting the job done. If you’ve purchased something from a retailer such as a door or other type of product or supply, and it’s not what you wanted, you need to return it and request a refund. If they tell you they won’t stand behind the receipt of sale, you need to find a better way to resolve the issue. Here are just a few examples.

Wrong Size Or Color Of A Custom Order

You may have an item on your project list that requires a custom order. A custom order may include something that is sized specifically for your project needs or it may be a matching color of your existing interior or exterior. These items tend to cost more than average and in some cases, they are non-returnable and non-refundable. However, if you order something custom and you’re not satisfied with the quality, color or result, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. If you’ve voiced your concern to customer service and they still don’t want to offer you credit or a refund, you’ll have to take further issues to get the problem resolved. This is where you’ll need to contact the customer service department directly to make sure you get the issue resolved. Many times, different departments are unaware of certain return or refund policies or don’t have the authority to authorize the refund. Be sure you’re contacting the right department in the CorporateOfficeHQ located at the corporate office in order to properly get your issue resolved.

Damaged Merchandise 

Buying new hardware, lighting or any number of other materials for your new remodel means you want the product to come ready to install. If it arrives broken or you’re handling it and it breaks, this can set you and your construction crew back on time and money. In some cases, items can’t be returned to the store or it’s difficult to return them if they’re large or were delivered to the job site. Your first step is to call the company and speak with them about your issue. Sometimes they will put you in contact with the actual manufacturer of the product and you’ll have to go through them for any type of return or monetary reimbursement. This can take time but may be your best option for getting the full replacement value of the damaged product. If the product was damaged in transit or at the retail store, they would be the ones responsible for sending out a new item.

Overcharging For A Sale Item

There is nothing more frustrating than spending hundreds of dollars on wood or drywall only to find the retailer places these items on sale a week after you purchase them. Or you find out you would have qualified for a specific discount by using a credit card or by reaching a specific spending limit. Keep in mind that not all retailers will stand behind an overcharging of an item. Many are adamant about their sales practices and most sales are final. But it doesn’t hurt to call customer service and find out if they would reimburse you for the difference. If you spent a lot of money on your purchase they may be more likely to offer you a credit for the amount you overpaid for.

Poor Installation Practices

Even if you’re doing a lot of the construction work on your home yourself, there still may be something’s you have to hire a pro for. Many retailers subcontract with other companies to install many of their products. If you’ve realized that your new countertop or appliances haven’t been installed properly or you suspect they aren’t working like they should, you need to call the company’s customer service department and speak with a support specialist right away. You should definitely take photos and document all of the issues that you’re having. If you can’t get the contractor to come and fix the issue, making sure that the company stands behind the job will ensure you will be properly reimbursed.

Problems can easily arise when undergoing any type of home improvement project. Contacting customer service is the first step in resolving any issues you have with monetary reimbursement or returns.

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