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Use Online Gaming Safely With These 5 Simple Steps

14 April 2018 No Comment

Gambling online can become a real problem if you don’t know what you’re doing. As it’s so easy to place a £100 bet at an online casino, here are 5 steps that you should follow to ensure that you are gambling safely and responsibly. With the right mindset and discipline, there are ways to enjoy gambling online.

Make sure you can trust the website

Any website that takes your money could be a scam. This kind of scepticism is healthy and knowing this is the case is vital for any kind of online transaction. Thankfully, there are ways to check the authenticity of eCommerce websites in general and online casinos specifically.

Step one is to check the website has an HTTPS domain as opposed to a standard HTTP domain. The latter is being phased out due to the fact that HTTPS domains are more secure. This security is important for websites like Facebook, where you might be sending a private message to someone, but it’s even more crucial for any kind of website where financial transactions take place.

With regards to online casinos specifically, if you’re Gambling from the UK the next step is to check that the website is authorised by the UK Gambling Commission. Every casino — online and offline — needs to be authorised by this commission. To check if they have a license look for the UK Gambling Commission logo in the header or footer of the website. If you can’t find it, it’s time to leave.

If the logo is displayed, don’t stop there. Anyone can download a logo from from the UK Gambling Commission and stick it on their website. Having the logo doesn’t prove anything. The real test is whether the logo is a clickable image which links back to the page on the UK Gambling Commission’s website, which identifies that particular online casino as reputable.

For extra security, you can also make sure that you use online casinos with offline equivalents. The bigger the casino chain, the more likely they are to be reputable. Grosvenor Casinos is a company with offline casinos across the UK, as well as an online casino. Because it’s such a big brand, you know it’s one you can trust with your money.

Compare the best live casino sites

Finding a secure website which you can trust is one thing, but finding the best places to play live roulette online is another. Roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack are all games that can have slight variations to the playing options dependant on the casino. By reading live casino reviews to compare the best live casino sites, you get an idea of where to go without spending time and your hard-earned money in a casino you don’t like.

Once you’ve chosen a good online casino to use, it’s time to actually start gambling.

Budget like you’re going to lose

Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money; think of it as a way to spend money. Whether you consider it a game, a pastime, or a hobby, the important thing is that you consider it an expense. It’s something for which you set aside money. Some people spend money on drinking, some people spend money on skiing holidays, and some people spend money on gambling. These are all expenses which people spend money on for fun, and each comes with its own risks.

As long as you understand the risks involved in gambling, you won’t find yourself in much danger. Budget as if you’ll lose money and — when that money is gone — the game is over. If you do manage to win, chalk it up to a good day and quit while you’re ahead.

Do you like gambling?

This might sound like a silly question. If you’re doing it, you must like it, right?

Not necessarily. A large number of people wind up gambling when they are angry, sad, or feel they have nothing to lose. The reality is that there is always something which you can lose, and gambles made on negative emotions often lead to that kind of loss.

All of this might sound quite depressing, and it might be a million miles from how you feel about gambling. If it does, that’s a good thing. It means that you’re the sort of person who plays casino games for the joy of them. This is the sort of person who should be gambling. The kind of person who gambles to win despite hating the game shouldn’t be gambling.

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