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Online Trading: The Risks and Rewards

17 April 2018 No Comment

Recent studies show that six out of every ten US households has a securities investment. In part, this is thanks to the evolution of the internet and the ease of connecting online. Today’s traders are choosing to leverage their talents within the digital domain. If you’re considering a foray into this potentially lucrative sector, it’s wise to be cautious. Adopt an objective viewpoint to better appreciate the benefits and pitfalls. Let’s look at some of the risks and rewards of this lifestyle. That way, you’ll stay one step ahead of the game.

Online Trading: The Main Benefits

One of the first advantages of online trading is that you are able to enjoy greater flexibility. No longer will you have to adhere to the office hours of a broker or wealth manager. Decisions can be made at your own pace and when the time is right. Whether referring to a CFD trade, a forex position or a blue-chip holding, this is undeniable. You can login to your account from a desktop or smartphone to begin speculating on the markets. Positions can be opened or closed instantly.

The sheer variety of assets to choose from is likewise attractive. Those interested in short-term positions might opt for currency trades, for example. If you are hoping to avoid the volatility of open markets, a commodities venture could be a wise choice. The online marketplace is malleable to the point that it can cater to the needs of both novices and experts. This was not previously the case within the traditional world of finance.

Live support is another massive benefit. The prevalence of user-friendly online trading platforms means that you’ll get real-time advice. Let’s not forget about other tools either. Brokers often supply advanced trading algorithms and predictive analyses. Many traders join social trading circles too, to gain feedback from fellow traders.

Potential Risks for Traders

In order to give a rounded perspective, it’s just as important to highlight some of the possible risks. You might encounter these from time to time. Perhaps the most common is opening a trade without possessing any knowledge. However, there are a few others to point out.

Leverages are associated with specific assets. Particularly, they are used for CFD trades and spread betting. They involve trading on margin. You can open positions with a small portion of the actual value of a trade. A broker puts in the rest of the money. While this method can work in your favour, you could also lose more money than you initially invested. Any leveraged trade should only be undertaken after appreciating the inherent dangers. Risk management strategies are essential.

Volatility is another obvious concern. One recent example centres around the fluctuating value of bitcoin. A lot of financial assets have fast-moving prices. It can feel like a roller coaster ride. Online trading can be a double-edged sword for those who fail to take liquidity into account. Still, we can argue that this mentality is often overcome as traders gain firsthand experience. Familiarity with specific marketplaces comes with time.

Additionally, a lack of self-discipline can be the downfall of a would-be trader. The issue with online investing is that you create your own guidelines. You dictate the amount set aside, the underlying asset and the number of active trading hours per day. If you do not set emotional and fiscal limits, the risks are obviously high.

A Happy Medium

A sense of balance keeps us happy in our everyday lives. This same principle holds true in regards to online trading. The key takeaway is to assess the risks and rewards associated with this lifestyle. Such a perspective is important if you hope to enjoy the opportunities that could be moments away.


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