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Why it’s Not Always Glam and Glory for the Business Traveler

3 May 2018 No Comment

There is a misguided belief in the corporate world today that business travel is fun and glamorous. However, scientific evidence has finally revealed the reality of the situation, unearthing that this belief holds no merit.

In fact, business travel is far from all the spectacular shows awash on social media, especially in photos shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Forget the errant displays of beautiful sites captured in breathtaking visual effects and overzealous captions such as ‘Having a blast at the zoo after finalizing the merger.’


In fact, conclusive research has been carried out to prove the latter. Certainly, the findings are most interesting.

The research conducted at the University of Surrey in Britain, in tandem with the Linnaeus University in Sweden, discovered what they called, ‘the dark side of hypermobility.’

The term hypermobile relates to business travelers; who in recent times have gained celebrity-like status and envy because of their extravagant displays of wealth and fortune from all the business trips that they are taking.

However, the research divulges deeper into the darker side of such a lifestyle. It divided its finding into a list of three chilling consequences; physiological, social (emotional), and psychological.

Physiological issues

The physiological ones have been echoed time and time again. Jet lag is the most obvious. Having potential side effects such as increased susceptibility to heart attacks, speeding in age, as well as the proverbial issue of deep-vein thrombosis. In fact, one ought to balance their business and lifestyle effectively. At Salarieshub.com, critical information is provided for one to do so effectively.

There is also the risk of increased exposure to radiation and germs, especially for people who travel by flight for more 85,000 miles a year. They happen to exceed the recommended limit for exposure to radiation. Not forgetting that business travelers tend to get fewer chances of exercising, and also have a poor diet than those who stay in one place for long periods of time.

Emotional issues

The psychological and emotional stresses associated with business travel, though abstract, are just as real. Habitual flyers experience the effects of ‘travel disorientation’ as a result of changing locations and time zones.

Due to the absence of friends and family, hypermobility can also be a lonely and isolating experience. In fact, the accumulated influence can be quite substantial.

A study recently conducted on World Bank employees discovered that business travelers in the firm were more likely to file psychological insurance claims.

Furthermore, there are the social effects involved. Marriages tend to break apart because of the time apart. Children also have a change in behavior because of the time apart from their parents.

Parental burdens

In fact, such situations tend to make the relationship unequal, because one parent is forced to handle more family matters than the other.

One interesting fact is that these impacts seem to fall on the upper echelon of society; that is, persons who have high incomes and access to air travel with ease.

That being said, these problems are really all the same. So far away from all the extravagant photos of exotic meals and breathtaking attractions, a business traveler just might be living ‘a paper over cracks’ lifestyle.

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