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Content Marketing Trends That Changed SEO in 2018

6 May 2018 No Comment

You should by now be focusing on planning your content marketing strategies with your in-house team or SEO agency. This is the ideal time to recognize which parts of your bygone procedures worked out well and which ones you’ll have to eradicate.

As indicated by a report published by the Content Marketing Institute, 83 percent of advertisers consider video extremely viable in expanding income. This is a huge increment from the 74 percent who set trust in the procedure the previous year. In any case, even as more advertisers comprehend the need for a reported technique, just a negligible 31 percent have recorded theirs.

For expanded web activity, steep incline of leads, more steadfast clients and spike in income in 2018, an insightful scrutiny of your content marketing strategy is essential. Spare some time to figure out what has worked out well and the latest scopes of improvement as per the trends.

For example, Cisco assesses that video will represent 82 percent of all online activity by 2021. What’s more, as of now, 74 percent of internet users have a knack for consuming audiovisual contents, i.e. videos, which subsequently enhanced the demand for live streaming. So, with respect to this decision, you may strategize your content marketing plan with both live and recorded videos.

Here are four more tips to enable you to get ready for 2018.

  1. Alter your mobile first methodology

In the past few years, the attention has been on making the sites more enticing on mobile devices to reach out to 53% of global audiences who surf the internet from mobile only. Now the tides have moved and offered a path to another sort of mobile-first methodology. As indicated by this report, mobile users will represent almost 80 percent of total internet users in 2018.

Along these lines, rather than concentrating your conventional technique of optimizing websites for desktop devices and enhancing the same for mobile devices (as has been the situation), consider doing the reverse.

Plan for mobile optimization first and after that include desktop specific functionalities. All things considered, 80 percent of social networking time is spent on mobile, recent college graduates and Generation Z are stuck to their mobiles, and 57 percent of clients won’t prescribe a business with an ineffectively composed mobile responsive website.

The key is to understand the consumer behavior and thereby sorting out the priorities to make good use of the opportunities.

  1. Get more innovative and personal with the substance of your content

While the visual substance is the main factor in content showcasing achievement, your innovativeness may require some boosting. For example, while infographics and video graphics are extraordinary, running live with trending topics on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube might be more viable. Customers need to buy items and services from brands they know and love. That is the reason 61 percent of advertisers intend to utilize Facebook live and Periscope, while 69 percent intend to take in more about live video.

Get ready to impart more authoritative exercises to your followers, particularly the “in the background” content. When it comes different sorts of substance, as pictures and online journals, just post and offer brilliant substance. Eighty-five percent of advertisers think posting higher-quality and more effective substance was the significant purpose behind major accomplishments in 2017. Thus, focus on unique substance that is customized to clients.

  1. Get ready for new stages

Just in case, that your business or agency didn’t take advantage of chatbots for content marketing, plan to infuse it this year. Chatbots have demonstrated fruitful in client servicing and the same can be seen in content promoting.

A 2015 report by BI Intelligence demonstrates how messaging platforms have coincided with social media in terms of usage.  Joining of 2.4 billion individuals is dynamic on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on a month to month premise. Bots are an incredible method to enhance brand loyalty, engagement, comprehension of user behaviors and even conversion rates – which are all essential for fruitful content marketing.

Furthermore, as you consider bots, also consider enhancing your substance for voice pursuit and utilizing machine learning to convey customized content.

  1. Try not to abandon email – Try to Innovate

Are you trying hard to see accomplishment from the emails you’re sending? Are you done with futile email campaigns and thinking of concentrating more on social networks and blogs? You’re not the only one. Sixty-six percent of advertisers at present have the same perception. Yet, before you surrender, consider that 79 percent of advertisers agreed that email was the best content circulation channel in 2017. This was in contrast with blogs and Social media.

Consider sending more focused messages, particularly in connection with a subscriber’s history. By understanding the particular topics, a subscriber is occupied with, you rebuild (re-optimize) the sort of substance they get. Utilizing Big Data and AI Technologies will prove helpful in accomplishing this.

Intriguing videos, chatbots, narrating stories and enhanced personalization will certainly rule the content marketing arena in 2018. You’ll require an archived procedure that consolidates these patterns, yet keeps up the customary email successful.

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