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4 Ways to Maximize Your Commute to Achieve Success

22 May 2018 No Comment

Time isn’t the only cost of which we should be aware during long commutes to and from work. Over time, driving can begin to affect our mental and physical health, as well as impact how we form and maintain personal relationships. And that seemingly can affect just about everyone.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 25 million Americans spend more than 90 minutes of their day getting to and from work. But among this cohort, the most successful may actually view their daily commute as an opportunity.

Indeed, people who are driven to succeed learn to find opportunity in everyday negative life events, including failure, adversity, chaos and uncertainty. Commuting to work is no different. Thus, if the stress of your commute is beginning to wear on you, here are four ways to use it as a tool for success and improve your life:

1. Plan and Prepare for Productivity

The workday doesn’t have to start when you arrive at your desk or during an 8 a.m. meeting. Instead, reserve your drive to work as a prep period for the day ahead. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, those who proactively use this time to plan for work arrive more prepared, energetic and productive. Oh, and they tend to be happier.

Essentially, employees who engage in productive morning planning, or “work-related prospection,” can handle longer commutes better and have better job satisfaction. Once you head out the door in the morning, ask yourself, “What do I have to accomplish today?” and “What are my goals for the week?” Then visualize your short-term productivity and long-term success.

2. Purchase a Vehicle with Purpose

It’s typical for successful people with sizeable incomes to purchase a luxury vehicle. And it’s usually for more than just driving. Sure, a high-end car signifies status and makes a statement. But for entrepreneurs, this purchase can serve as a strategic business tool. Moreover, as a successful business person, owning a luxury car tends to impress current clientele and influence prospects about working with you.

A vehicle can also be a tool for establishing balance. Of course, success isn’t always a product of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. To that end, establishing a healthy work-life balance is just as important to achieve goals, which is why driven individuals may, for example, invest in an off-roading vehicle to take outdoors.

That’s because playing in nature helps prevent burnout, rejuvenate the mind and promote creativity. Your vehicle may serve as motivation, too. And as your success and income grow, you’ll acquire the resources to upgrade your adventures and outfit your rig with new rugged tires, rock sliders, a rear tire carrier bumper, roof rack and other cool gear.

3. Listen to a Wide Range of Podcasts

Your daily commute is also an excellent way to learn and practice your comprehension. Oftentimes, communication at work and home involves people talking at each other, rather than to each other with open ears. But listening to podcasts during a long commute can help you to not only listen better, but also enjoy a conversation between two or more people.

If career advancement is a personal goal, then it may be beneficial to download career-related podcasts. Expanding your podcast repertoire can help you become a more well-rounded person. With that in mind, explore content on health, travel or self-help. Growing and learning as a whole person defines success just as much as what you’re doing professionally.

4. Savor the Solitude

A change in mindset can change your daily experiences. During your daily commute, you may be confined to your car accelerating and braking in stop-and-go traffic. But commuting is also designated alone time; after all, you’re away from co-workers, clients and family, so use this time to sort out any thoughts or practice mindfulness.

In particular, experts say practicing mindfulness during your commute can help you arrive at work fresh and focused for the day, as well as arrive home without any work-related stress. To think consciously, simply acknowledge you intend to be mindful on your drive to and from work. Controlling your mind has the power to replace stress with focus, relaxation and calmness.

Remember, if your daily commute is unbearable and drastically affecting your job satisfaction, personal happiness and health, then it may be worth considering other options. No job or income is worth a commute that seriously impacts your well-being.

But there are solutions to help make your commute work in your favor. This time to and from work can serve as an opportunity to prepare for productivity, learn, grow and live in the moment. Which type of vehicle you choose to drive can also boost and hasten an agenda, like achieving work-life balance.

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