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Wedding Bells Ringing? Here’s Why Taking Out An Unsecured Personal Loan is a Brilliant Idea

29 May 2018 No Comment

Wedding Bells Ringing? Here’s why taking out an unsecured personal loan is a brilliant idea

Weddings are perhaps the most cherished and valuable occasions in most of our lives! They’re special occasions indeed, reaffirming the importance of what made us and eventually shaped us – the Family. Emotions run high, thick, and fast, and are generally uncontrollable. Families often find themselves engulfed in a web of sentiments and excitement in the run up to the ceremony, with each member facing an unprecedented thought rush accentuated by intense emotion. As much as it is a moment of celebration and ecstasy, so much more is it a moment that reminds us of our future responsibilities and duties.

Thinking of which, a rather profound characteristic that weddings have inherited over the years – yes profound – is that they are super expensive. There is of course the perfect solution to dealing with this – the unsecured personal loan.

Quite vividly as weddings have presented themselves in the past, it isn’t unnatural for your wedding budget to brazenly overshoot your initial budget calculations – there could be multiple instances where you’d have to pull out additional funds from your kitty to manage certain unanticipated aspects of your wedding’s finances. Moreover, you cannot just abandon important rituals just because you don’t have the available funds.

It is precisely for this reason that you might want to consider taking an unsecured personal loan to ensure that your wedding is as consummate as it can be! Unsecured personal loans are in fact the most fitting answer to having a great wedding ceremony without financial hiccups arising unsought to ruin the galore moment!

So? Are the wedding bells ringing already? Here’s why taking an unsecured personal loan can be the best idea to give your wedding the perfect flavour, exuberance, and excitement it deserves:

They’re expensive of course

The necessity to elaborate this mildly unpleasant aspect of weddings doesn’t essentially arise. We all know how expensive weddings can get. Even if you’re planning a small wedding ceremony that is anticipating a handful of guests, you will have to be prepared to fritter away quite a bitAn unsecured loan is the ideal solution to help with this.

Too many unplanned expenses

Unplanned expenses doing their bit to soil the momentum have already found mention in this article. As somebody who is calculated (to whatever extent of that you can achieve), wedding expenses can be highly unpredictable. An unsecured personal loan can help a great deal with this aspect of weddings.

Not really a repayment burden

Bust the popular myth about unsecured loans and how they can sink you into debt! Unsecured loans are definitely not a massive repayment burden, for interest rates aren’t that high. If you look at it through the lens of clarity, you’ll realize that it is completely worth it to have a ball of a honeymoon after a sparkling wedding party. More so, taking out an unsecured personal loan isn’t really a repayment burden as you can pay back through Equate Monthly Instalments. Moreover, if both you and your partner are working professionals, more reduced is the repayment burden.

Easy Repayment Schedules

You can choose from loan tenures ranging from 6 months to 5 years. If you have other financial commitments in the near future, you can always opt for a longer loan tenure to reduce your monthly repayment amounts. Note that longer tenures, however, attract more interest over the course of repayment. Shorter tenures will mean that you’d be paying lesser towards interest, but a higher monthly repayment amount.

Affordable Interest Rates

Interest rates on unsecured personal loans start at 11.99% p.a. Depending on your credit profile and your repayment history, lenders offer you an appropriate interest rate. A good credit score in this case would mean that you will be offered the best interest rate possible. Poor credit scores usually attract higher interest rates – this is usually the market norm.

Pre-closure options to reduce a prolonged repayment burden

One of the best things about taking out an unsecured loan is that you can pre-close your loan at any-time (usually after making repayments for 6 months). Pre-closure charges are quite minimal, only amounting to about 3%-4% of the outstanding principal amount.

Quick Loan disbursals

Here is where you might have to choose the right lender to help with your wedding expenses. There are so many lenders offering unsecured loans online and not all of them offer instant unsecured loans. Fintech companies like Qbera offer instant online unsecured loans to individuals in less than 48 hours.

Paperless application for unsecured personal loans

One of the best advantages of choosing Qbera for your wedding loan is the paperless aspect of your application process. You can complete your unsecured loan application process online, and submit your documents online as well. No physical document submission – so no unnecessary paper-related hassles.

With so many expenses involved, many of which come out as unplanned, families can end up getting completely stressed out even before the end of it! An unsecured loan can be the ideal solution to counter this stress and have a wedding ceremony that will be remembered for generations.



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