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Why Silver Bullion is a Better Investment than Crypto?

27 June 2018 No Comment

With the recent trend of digital coins, you might be wondering whether to buy them or silver bullions. Let’s take a look at the different reasons for getting silver coins.

In the last year, cryptocurrencies became quite popular amongst traders, who were even willing to sell gold and silver bullions to purchase these digital coins. However, these are several factors that are not favourable for investing in crypto.

They are Real

Unlike crypto coins, silver and gold bullions are real. Silver coins have a physical shape but cryptocurrencies are all on the internet.

You can use digital coins to buy something, but you can’t store these coins in your house. They are only available on exchanges and in your cryptocurrency wallet.

The Popping Bubble

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are bubbles that can pop anytime. The price will then crash and the investors will have to suffer a huge loss.

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No Price Spikes

You might have seen that the price of cryptocurrency is always increasing and decreasing. Although, the trend can be somehow predicted, it is still impossible to tell what the price will be in the next hour.

With insufficient knowledge, traders can suffer losses instead of making profits. That is not the case in silver bullions. The prices are fixed and they do not go down. Instead, they are gradually rising.

The Increasing Price

The price of silver will increase in a much more amount than digital coins due to its shortage. The limited amount of silver bullions is probably the main factor to consider investing in these coins and bars.

The Risk of Hacking

When the use of the internet and online sources increase, then the risk of hacking also multiplies. Hackers and scammers are constantly looking for ways to exploit the defence systems of users. If they are successful, you could probably lose all your digital coins.

Most of the times, there is no way to get back your hard-earned cash which was stolen in the form of cryptos. On the other hand, a thief who steals your silver bullions can be tracked with the help of law enforcement agencies.

You Need to be an Expert for Buying Cryptocurrency

If you are a Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency trader, you have to study the price charts in detail. You definitely need some knowledge and understanding before you decide to buy a digital coin.

On the contrary, silver bullions can be easily bought from a trusted dealer without the need for carrying out research for several days.

Now, you must be pretty clear why silver bullions are a better investment than cryptocurrency. So, go on and spend some cash to buy these valuable pieces of metal to get better returns in future.

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