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Behind but not Broken: Tax Cases are Better Off in the Hands of an Attorney

5 July 2018 No Comment

If you have ever gotten behind on your taxes, you understand how difficult it can be to make up what you owe. This does not mean that you are broken and at the mercy of the IRS to enforce their heavy-handed will upon you. We are about to examine five reasons why your tax cases are better off in the hands of an attorney so that you won’t be overcome by IRS threats.

Tax Attorneys Take Quick Action

What many individuals do is put-off or ignore letters from the IRS, which can cause bigger problems down the road. When the IRS has a claim against you, penalties and interest continue to add up. A tax attorney will take quick action to interrupt that adding up of expenses and allows you attorney avenues of achieving a better settlement that might not be available later on. Act quickly as soon as you see that first letter, see what a tax attorney can do for you, and get the problem straightened out before it becomes worse.

Tax Attorneys Understand Things Your CPA Doesn’t

Most people assume that their CPA is their first line of defense against the IRS. Where that is true in most cases concerning how much tax you are required to pay, it is not true when it comes to the legal rules which control how the IRS operates. A tax attorney deals with these operational laws that most CPAs do not understand, are not fully aware of, and are not equipped to deal with. Letting a tax attorney handle your claim allows you and your CPA avoid navigational issues through IRS operating procedures.

If You Negotiate with the IRS on Your Own, You Will Lose

IRS agents prey on individuals who attempt to negotiate on their own. They take advantage of your lack of knowledge concerning their operational procedures, as we discussed above, and they will manipulate and twist words to confuse you into concessions that you really do not have to make. An IRS agent is not able to prey upon a tax attorney, because a tax attorney usually has the advantage when it comes to legal knowledge and a tax attorney cannot be manipulated into making concessions through clever tricks. Turn negotiating over to a tax attorney if you want to get the best possible result for your case.

Help You Avoid the Error of Thinking That an IRS Agent Will Treat You Fairly

Ronald Regan said that the most fearful words in the English language were, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Government agents, especially those from the IRS, rarely deal with you in an equitable or fair manner. What they do is use sweet words and honey to make you believe that they are helping you out, when they are actually selling you a lemon. By hiring a tax attorney to represent your case, you take away that particular set of tricks along with your avoiding the error of thinking that you will be treated fairly by an IRS agent.

Prevent You From Thinking that the IRS is the Tax Law Expert

Along with thinking that an IRS agent will treat you fairly, many believe that IRS agents are the tax law experts. In reality, the typical IRS agent has little more than 30 hours of accounting in route to obtaining their bachelor’s degree. Many of them were not even able to pass the CPA licensing exam and are certainly not on a level with a BAR licensed attorney. Don’t be fooled into thinking that what an IRS agent is telling you is the law, hire a tax attorney to put them in their place.


Handling your own tax case instead of allowing a tax attorney to represent you is one way to become broken by your taxes rather than just a little behind. Getting a fair settlement for your case and the necessary time to get any penalties and interest paid off is more likely to be accomplished by a tax attorney. Just let a tax attorney settle your case and achieve greater peace of mind.

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