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How Much is Vampire Energy Costing You

31 July 2018 No Comment

Have you ever opened your electric bill expecting to see one number and finding something else entirely? While it may stem from overlooked appliance usage, the culprit behind it may actually a bit more subtle. Vampire energy. With other names including phantom power, the phantom load, and standby power, vampire energy is the term given to the energy lost when electronic devices are powered off, but left plugged in. At that point, they are not in use but still able to draw electricity. And as prominent as this problem is, the amount of people who actually know about it is still relatively small. As a result, many people fall victim to the vampire’s energy suck and run up their bill unnecessarily.

Some devices that are responsible for carrying out the phantom load include video game consoles, television sets, microwaves, and even garage door openers. The reason for their constant energy drainage can be any number of things, but is most commonly caused by mandatory updates that occur in the night, as well as the need to “lie in waiting” should they need to be used quickly. There are a number of electricity leaking devices that are not nearly as obvious as others and those include household furnaces, electric toothbrushes and even coffeemakers. Identifying the devices that are draining your electricity is key to begin reducing vampire energy.

When it does finally come time to start figuring out how to undo energy drainage, there are a several ways to reduce the effects of standby power and start saving. Eliminating vampire energy could be as simple as investing in energy efficient appliances that actually use less energy than standard devices. One easy way to stop the phantom load is to unplug your devices when you are done using them. Just a few simple changes around the house could help you save hundreds of dollars each year.

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