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How Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia Secure Financial Futures

24 August 2018 No Comment

Infinity Group Australia is a top-notch financial firm that doesn’t cater to the rich and powerful. Instead, it provides services to individuals and families who want to start creating wealth or who struggle with debt.

In 2013, money expert Graeme Holm established Infinity Group. Its reputation has been growing ever since. It now has locations in several Australian cities, and it’s already made a big difference in many people’s lives.

Cutting Up Those Credit Cards

Naturally, some people find credit cards to be very useful. However, Infinity Group Australia tells many of its clients to get rid of their credit cards. That way, they can avoid punishing fees and interest payments.

Giving up credit cards can be challenging. Thus, Infinity Group team members guide people through the process. For instance, they help clients set up weekly budgets that let them pay as they go, which usually reduces expenditures.

To avoid temptations, Infinity Group believes that consumers should stop taking credit cards with them when they go out. When people rely solely on cash or debit cards, it forces them to really think about what they’re buying, and they’re less likely to purchase frivolous items.

In addition, Infinity Group Australia helps people stay away from new credit cards — even those that promise enticing rewards. After all, if you’re in debt, you may not be able to pay off your new card on time. In that case, you’ll see harsh penalties instead of exciting bonuses.

Here’s another reason why people depend on credit cards. They assume that they could use them to cover necessities if they’re ever strapped for cash. However, Infinity Group’s experts remind their customers that this technique could lead to further debt and more emergency situations.

It’s far safer to rely on an emergency savings account instead. Infinity Group team members help people find ways to save more effectively and build up such a fund.

Of course, as you’d ascertain from online Infinity Group Australia reviews, this firm does a lot more than counsel people to give up their credit cards. It reviews clients’ financial situations in detail and assists them with long-range budgeting, retirement planning, and much more.

As time goes on, these pros keep tabs on their customers’ progress, assessing how well they’ve stuck to the plans and figuring out what they could do to improve their performance. In a way, these experts act like personal trainers, proffering advice, tough love, and strong moral support over an extended period of time.

Graeme Holm’s Story

For Graeme Holm, Infinity Group Australia represents a professional triumph and a personal mission. Graeme spent about a dozen years, beginning in 2001, working at major financial institutions in Australia. He was appalled to find out how some lenders prey on people who are in dire monetary straits.

Graeme also got tired of serving as a kind of salesman, trying to get people to buy certain financial products or services rather than addressing their specific needs and showing them how to grow their wealth.

For these reasons, Infinity Group Australia has been a dream come true for Graeme. It fulfills his purpose to aid people from all different backgrounds, not just those who come from great wealth.

This company brings Graeme great joy for another reason. Rebecca Walker, its director, isn’t just Graeme’s business partner. She’s also his life partner. The couple met when Rebecca began working as Graeme’s personal trainer. By the way, they’re now the proud owners of two bulldogs and two cats.

As Graeme and Rebecca prove, happy endings are possible in this world. If you’d like to ensure yourself a financial happy ending, you could always head on over to Infinity Group Australia.

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