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Outdoor Features That Can Easily Increase Real Estate Value

10 September 2018 No Comment

Every single experienced real estate agent will tell you that home buyers usually make up their minds about buying or not before actually stepping inside the property. This means that you need to focus on styling and designing. The problem is most owners just focus on the interior. This is a shame since the exterior is what will make the very first impression, which does make sense since this is what you always see when you visit a home.

If you are interested in making the home more appealing, these features are going to help.

Swimming Pools

This is one of the best possible ways to increase the value of a home. When you add a swimming pool you answer to a huge demand for so many potential buyers looking for natural elements to be incorporated in the landscape. You can get all the gardening parts you want for the outside and the inside from Exapta and still not increase value as much as with the swimming pool addition.

Free-from swimming pools are normally preferred to the rectangular shape. The finish can be dark instead of the common bright blue. When looking at pool surroundings, coral stone tends to be highly attractive. Obviously, you can add other water features, like fountains or waterfalls.

Lighting And Landscaping

It is always a very good idea to add gazebos, walkways or patios. Lighting can actually be considered as being crucial. You cannot have wonderful landscaping without suitable lighting. This is why it is always a very good idea to hire professional landscape architects so that a complex puzzle can be created.

Garden style and plant types will normally be determined by the geographical location. There are places, like Florida, where you can practically add anything you want. In other locations this is not a possibility. Generally speaking, when you can add something exotic, it is highly appreciated by the potential buyers.

Outdoor Kitchens

Alfresco dining is a really appreciated extra, a life pleasure many want to have. The open-air kitchen gives access to numerous entertaining options, much more than the regular backyard barbeque most people want.

You do not need to invest too much money into an outdoor kitchen for home value to go up. Something as serviceable and simple as a cupboard kitchen is enough. However, if you can go for the fully equipped kitchen that includes gas, electricity and plumbing, it is something that is preferred.

Screening Rooms

Many real estate buyers want gardens with outdoor speaker systems but there are some that want open-air screening rooms. Such a delightful location will combine home theater luxury with the drive-in movie charm. You can easily find weatherproof big screen TV sets that are perfect for an outdoor use.

Eco-Friendly Amenities

Eco-friendly, sustainable outdoor improvements will add home value. Examples of what can be added include solar panels to be used for lighting your landscape and drainage systems can capture rainwater that will irrigate gardens. You can even consider green roofs that feature vegetation and soil, giving access to beneficial insulation.

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