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Most Asked Questions About USCIS Translation

21 September 2018 No Comment

Why does USCIS need a certified translation?

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, each document written in a foreign language submitted to USCIS shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which the translator has certified as absolute, accurate and true, and by the translator’s certification that he or she is able to translate the document into English.

If you have added any foreign language documents with your application, you must also submit certified translation for USCIS.

Are the translations that you send by e-mail trusted by USCIS?

USCIS does not need original documents to support immigration applications. The printout of the electronically certified translation, which is digitally approved and stamped by the agency, is entirely legitimate and trusted by USCIS. Clients have been submitting the printout of the electronically accredited translations for several years to USCIS, and none of them have ever been denied.

How can I be sure that USCIS will not reject the translated document?

We have been translating documents for USCIS for several years. We know precisely how they want to get the translations and we make them specifically like that. Our translations have never been rejected.

I need my birth certificate translated for my US passport application, which translation format should I order?

US passport agencies need original documents; hence, you need to order the printed, hand signed and stamped traditional certified translation that we send you by regular mail or you can pick up from our office. The electronic version sent by email is fine as well, and you can print it if needed.

What is the difference between certified translations delivered by regular email and by mail?

Both are exactly the identical with same components, same precision and same rules. The main difference is the format and presentation style. Emailed certified translations are digitally signed, and stamped electronically in PDF format and certified translations sent by regular mail are printed, hand signed and sealed.

I require a certified translation of my high school diploma. Will my school/college approve the certified electronic translation?

You have to verify this with your school/college in advance. In these cases, we usually suggest the printed version sent by regular mail, since each school/college has its procedures and you need to make sure that a digitally signed translation will be allowed. But if your school/college verifies you that they will accept electronically certified translations, you can save money and speed up the process by requesting the electronic version of our translations sent by email.

Will my translation be notarized?

Public Notaries are not allowed to translate for USCIS, they can notarize the certificate of accuracy, which is exactly what needs to be done. On the other hand, USCIS only requires certified translation, but if you need your translation notarized, we can do that too.

Some organizations require that a notarized certificate is attached to the certified translation. This is an additional step by which a Notary Public verifies the signature of the certified translator. But the certification of accuracy by a professional translator is eternally needed.

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