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Russell (Russ) Ruffino’s Business Growth Program – Is It a Scam?

24 October 2018 No Comment

Russell Ruffino is the founder and chief executive officer of an Inc. 500 company named Clients on Demand. His company is designed to help service providers, experts, and coaches attract the right clientele at the right price point. Clients on Demand workshops take place over 8 weeks and teach entrepreneurs how to successfully find and convert clients. Based out of Los Angeles California, Russell Ruffino’s company leverages the power of business/client relationships by providing personalized service, and effective leadership to successfully manage all aspects of the lead/conversion process and driving activity through the sales funnel.

Clients on Demand has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and the Huffington Post among others. With an Inc. 500 ranking of #186 in 2017, Clients on Demand has earned its rightful place among the most prosperous up-and-coming enterprises in the United States. This enterprise stresses the importance of attracting clients to remain profitable, and to continue growing. But it’s not just any clients that will do – the Russell Ruffino approach is all about attracting high-end clients which can transform a business into a success story. Clients on Demand is focused on the most important source of revenue for an enterprise – its clients.

Clients are the Life Blood of a Business Operation

Customers are solely responsible for the profitability of companies. When they buy and they have a good experience, the business grows. Various tactics, strategies, and operations such as videos, seminars, webinars, blog posts, guest articles, social media updates, and podcasts are effective for generating readership, but these are not necessarily effective at driving up revenues. Business transformations can only be implemented with effective sales and marketing strategies. This is where Russell Ruffino is at his best. He built a brand from the ground up, even when his business was only generating $500 per month he stuck with it. Today, it’s a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and the same success can be enjoyed by anyone who is serious about completing the course.

The Clients on Demand training modules are geared towards helping businesses power their way to 6 figures, perhaps even 7 figures without excessive content creation. To whet potential clients’ appetites, a complimentary 40-minute training video is provided. This offers insights into what to expect over the course of a lengthy multi-week turnaround strategy. The proof of the pudding is available through client reviews. Thanks to Trustpilot – an independent business evaluation platform, a 5/5 rating has been generated from 93+ reviews. The businesses which have utilized the services provided by COD are legitimate, verifiable, and active. Many such examples abound, and Trustpilot provides details of these authentic reviews.

Clients on Demand Delivers on Expectations

Some of the bold claims made by Clients on Demand include – how to go from click to client in less than 24 hours, even when they have never heard of you. These assertions – outlandish though they may seem – are entirely possible for clients who immerse themselves in the training regimen. COD also provides a functional strategy on how to scale an enterprise from 6 to 7 figures annually, and the third point stresses how all of this can be done without tedious content marketing strategies. Clients on Demand and its guru, Russ Ruffino are the real deal, as evidenced by hundreds of satisfied clients, stellar feedback on reputable review sites, and in the business arena.

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