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6 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself When Ordering Checks Online

2 December 2018 No Comment

With checks being a trusted and prevalent form of payment, many businesses set up check printing systems in their office space. To create a functioning check printing setup you need to have check paper, printer, check printing software, endorsement stamp, business deposit slip and check envelopes. Setting up the entire system can be a $500-$600 investment if you can find the right vendor to buy your checks from. There are many check printing vendors, but before you order a bunch of checks, you might have some questions in mind.

Why Would You Order Online?

Why would you go to a vendor instead of the bank where you have opened your business account? Banks overprice the check papers. Some banks do not offer more than a certain number of checks. Banks do not print checks. Check printing vendors supply checks to the banks and the banks hike the price of the checks. By directly going to the online check printing vendors you do not have to take time out the visit the bank, and you can get a better price. Online vendors can deliver the checks to your doorstep. Opting for online check vendors makes it easier to compare the vendors and find the right fit.

Are You Paying the Right Price?

Since there are many checks printing vendors, finding the lowest price can take some research. Some vendors can claim to offer the lowest price. By comparing the price quoted for blank checks you can figure out which vendor is offering the lowest price. Look for various dedicated vendors, because retail sites like Amazon may not provide the lowest price.

What Kind of Check to Order?

There are many kinds of checks that you can order online. Broadly, you can order printed checks or blank checks for printing. With a printed check, the bank information of the payer and the MICR code is printed already. With blank checks for printing the payer has to print their bank information, the payee’s information, amount to be paid and the MICR code. While you might need to have magnetic ink to print on blank checks, they are far cheaper than printed checks.

When Will the Checks Be Delivered?

When selecting a vendor to supply your checks, you need to take delivery time into consideration. Vendors can offer free standard delivery of checks within a few business days. However, the vendor should also be able to provide you with blank checks for printing the next day if you need speedy delivery.

How Trustworthy Is the Vendor?

You do not have to worry about your bank details falling into the wrong hands when you order blank checks for printing. Even if you do provide your bank details for printed checks, your vendor should be trustworthy. Check customer reviews to see if the vendor has a bad reputation. If you see that the vendor does not have much customer reviews, then you should only order blank checks for printing.

How Responsive Is the Vendor?

You might face issues with an order or have doubts regarding a product. Try to contact the vendor with even your smallest doubts before placing a large order. The responsiveness of a vendor shows how reliable the business is. Once you get a satisfactory response, you can trust the website and place your orders.

Consider and compare all the vendors before ordering checks online.

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