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Why It’s Important to Profile Your Customers

5 December 2018 No Comment

How efficient is your current list of sales leads? Chances are good that you could stand to profit by improving it. If you are wondering how to make better use of your business list, the answer is right here at your fingertips. You need to start using your sales leads to build a customer profile that will let you narrow down your focus. By doing so, you will ultimately arrive at the “ultimate” customer that represents your target demographic. This is the exact kind of person that you need to be marketing to in the future.

The customers that shop at your site ultimately break down into a variety of categories. This includes age, sex, race, religion, political affiliation, economic status, current place of residence, and much more. You can’t hope to learn a person’s entire life story from a few emails, nor do you need to. What matters is where your customers are coming from, what age group they fall into, and what kinds of goods they prefer to buy from your store. Once you have this info, you have the beginnings of a faithful and profitable customer profile.

You can harvest this info through a series of carefully worded emails that you send out to the customers that have signed on to your list. The people whom you have previously qualified from your sales leads are the ones who you should contact first. These are the people who will be most inclined to give serious and thorough answers to the questions you send out via an email survey. Once you have this info in your files, you can market to them a great deal more efficiently.

Once you have taken the average of all of your customer responses, you will have something very much like the “perfect” customer profile. This is the profile that you need to keep in mind while you are preparing your content for your next marketing campaign. This info will allow you to target your customers with a razor sharp focus. You will be speaking to them in the exact manner that they like to be spoken to. And, even more importantly, you will be offering for sale the exact kinds of items that they are most likely to want to buy from your store.

Creating the perfect customer profile via qualified sales leads can be the prelude to an even more profitable phenomenon. Have you ever heard of the practice of “cloning” customers? When you market to a precise demographic, you will instantly reach plenty of new customers who also fit this description. By attracting more of these same people, you will be making – and selling to – “clones” of your original perfect customer. This is an exciting byproduct of the modern content marketing revolution that should not be ignored.

If your current business list just isn’t giving you the raw data you require, get rid of it. You can begin again with a brand new sales list that, once properly qualified, will give you the info you need to build your ultimate customer profile. Infofree.com specializes in selling sales lead that you can use to augment or replace your existing business list. These are leads that will give you a whole new crop of loyal long-term customers to profit from in the very near future.

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