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Altium Growth Fund records 7.37 percent returns in first year

24 January 2019 No Comment

Jacob Gottlieb is a healthcare-investment mogul and the founder of Altium Capital. This is a new firm that is interested in healthcare investments. As the former founder and chief investment officer off Visium Asset Management, Gottlieb is highly experienced as an investment manager in the healthcare industry. The formation of Altium Capital comes as a new start in his career as an investor. After going through two years of torturous experience, Jacob has created Altium Capital to serve as his vehicle to future success. His former company was hit by trading scandals originating from some of his employees. The scandals finally led to its closure. In the whole debacle, Jacob Gottlieb emerged with an intact reputation.

Gottlieb developed interests in investing at an early age. As a teenager, he won a stock investment contest at his school. He benefited from the support he received from his parents who had a strong work ethic in the fields of economics and healthcare. From a young age, he developed great professional and academic resilience which culminated into his development and one of the most successful healthcare investors in the world. He attended Brown University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He also attended New York University Medical School where he graduated with a medical degree. His initial interest was in pursuing a career in the field of medicine. However, after attending a medical internship at St. Vincent’s hospital, he realized that that was not the best job he wanted. He decided to turn his interests to the financial side of his profession. It is at this point that he joined Wall Street and began his career as a professional investment manager.

His first job was as a buy-side analyst at an organization known as Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. While working for this organization; he attained the status of a certified financial analyst. A couple of years later, he left that organization and moved onto another organization known as Merlin Biomed Group. In this new organization, he did not overstay; he moved onto another organization known as Balyasny Asset Management where he left great track record an investment manager. In this firm, he became the top earner of the year. After recording adorable success, went out and he decided to create his own company in 2005, known as Visium Asset Management.

Visium was created by Gottlieb and a few family members and friends. Over one decade, this firm developed into one of the most successful healthcare investment firms in the world. With an initial investment of 300 million, this organization grew its assets base to $8 billion. They also opened multiple offices in different cities across the world such as San Francisco, London, and New York. This organization later was hit by challenges emanating from the actions of some of his colleagues in the company. After the involvement of SEC, a decision was reached that it had to be closed down. Two years, Gottlieb who was not affected in any way by the scandal that hit Visium Asset Management, was left in charge of the closure process.

In 2017, Gottlieb registered another firm which he is now running. Altium Capital has joined the healthcare investment industry with good indications that it will bring significant changes in the future. In the first year of its operations, it has invested in three major healthcare startups. The first one is or Oramed pharmaceutical Inc, a company based in Jerusalem. This company is involved in the development of a new drug that will replace the injected insulin for diabetes patients. The other companies are Amarin and Oragenics.

Through the investments that this company has made in the past few months, Altium Growth Fund has grown by 7.37 percent, a good indication of future success.

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