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How to Make Money Online Selling Tutorials

4 March 2019 No Comment

If you are passionate about a particular domain and you have dedicated a significant amount of time to study it, then you are most likely to know some essential things which other people don’t, and at least some of them would like to learn. Out of this situation emerges a good business opportunity, which is why today we’re going to give you some background on how to monetize what you know by selling tutorials online.

Make your plan

Before you put yourself to work, sit down and elaborate an action plan. What’s the information or knowledge you have which can provide value to others, which is your target audience, what those people need, how you can reach them, how can you convince them you have something valuable, and last but not least, how you’ll be able to monetize it in such a way that the expenses will be lower than the revenue.

If you’re not going to set everything as mentioned above, you might encounter too many issues along the way. It’s inevitable to face problems, but you have to take some measures to reduce them.

Market research

Although the first few phases might seem a bit dull, most of your time should be dedicated to studying and researching. Try to understand your audience and what would they be willing to spend money on. Generally, when people look for information, they go on forums, relevant social media groups and etc. Check them out, see what problems they have related to your domain, what information is currently available and how can you help them solve their issues.

You should also study your competition as well, who are they and what they offer, and what’s your advantages comparing to them, i.e., what can you do better.


Not even the most awesome tutorials, or informational product for that matter, can be sold without efficient and effective online advertising strategies. You could use social media or post some articles in the press so that people will know that you are launching a new and improved course or advanced video lessons.

Given that we’ve touched the issue of advertising, this might be a second way to monetize. Since your tutorials (whether written or video lessons, it does not matter) will be posted on a website, you could also use banner ads like on the ClicksDealer platform. By doing so, you will be able to use the space available on both sides of the web page (or multiple pages) efficiently and possibly increase your revenue.

To conclude, your primary goal will be to establish a deep connection with your audience. Make sure that you keep in touch with each client and design a strategy to offer them additional information and added value, even after they’ve bought your course.

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