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How to Make Content Marketing a Priority in 2019

18 March 2019 No Comment

You’ve heard of content marketing, but perhaps you haven’t figured out how to apply it to your business. Here are some ways to work it into your overall business strategy in 2019.

Make Sure You Know Where Your Audience is Paying Attention

If you sit at a desk and use a Mac or PC for your own work, you may be surprised by where (and how) your audience is interacting with content. For example, voice search is an emerging method for people to find things on their mobile devices, which are being used more and more to consume web content. This is especially true if decisions are made about your product while on the go. Make sure people can pronounce and parse the terms that matter to you (or find some that work).

Follow Your Passion

To write and deliver content that attracts attention to your business, you’ve got to be able to convincingly write about it. Mark Crumpacker writes content about innovative farming techniques, for example, and that focus shows in his content. Don’t be all over the place.

Follow Leading Brands That Are Doing It Well

One of the things that makes content marketing amazingly effective is that it works much the same whether you’re a big company or a small one. Do searches for your favorite brands and notice the articles and videos that turn up in your search. TED Conferences are a great example. If you’ve searched on an idea, chances are you’ve seen a TED talk about it. You may not be able to match their production values, but you can aspire to their smooth, informal style.

Snoop on Your Competitors

After you’ve checked out some household name brands, look around at what your competitors are up to. If you’re providing an unusual or unique product, you may have to get creative by looking for some indirect competitors or allied products. For example, if you provide merchant banking services in the eCommerce industry, also look at other services which are used by eCommerce merchants, even if they have nothing to do with banking. They’re trying to reach the same audience you are.

Mix Up Your Approach

Don’t just write on the same topics in the same way for the same audience every time. It gets boring, and it gets obvious. Always be on the lookout for new platforms, new pages, and new mediums you can try. If you’ve been blogging, create some videos. If you’ve been making videos, try a podcast. Write for a variety of publications and blogs if you can. Try to get your content into some unfamiliar contexts.

Provide Real Value

Writing a thinly disguised ad is not going to work. Provide some advice they can use whether they hire you or not. If you’re an accountant, for example, provide some advice for people who are doing their own taxes.

Content marketing will increasingly define the winners as the audience grows more savvy to canned messages that interrupt the consumption of what they want to read and watch. Make time to learn and understand this important innovation in marketing.

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